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  1. Tuhin Zaman

    When is the release date?

  2. leelee

    Would like to see full movie

  3. Sabah Khan

    please translate the full movie as well !! emel yilmaz !

  4. Turkey

    Is there a estimated time to when It will be released with English subtitles?

  5. salim hassoun

    please send me an email at the realease of the movie thank you

  6. salim hassoun

    please let me know when the movie starts

  7. ZIJAD Osmanbasic

    How do l watch every movie in kayi family l already give donation for Kayi family do l become member if l give donation to kayi family which l already give donation to kayi family?

    • White Beard

      Hello and thank you for your donation, the movie is not currently out yet.