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  1. Tuhin Zaman

    When is the release date?

  2. leelee

    Would like to see full movie

  3. Sabah Khan

    please translate the full movie as well !! emel yilmaz !

  4. Turkey

    Is there a estimated time to when It will be released with English subtitles?

  5. salim hassoun

    please send me an email at the realease of the movie thank you

  6. salim hassoun

    please let me know when the movie starts

  7. ZIJAD Osmanbasic

    How do l watch every movie in kayi family l already give donation for Kayi family do l become member if l give donation to kayi family which l already give donation to kayi family?

    • White Beard

      Hello and thank you for your donation, the movie is not currently out yet.

  8. Mohammed Husen Patel

    When will the movie be release with English subtitles??

  9. Ali Reza

    Plzz dubbed this movie I’m eagerly waiting for this plzzz

  10. Tammy

    Is Malazgirt 1071 out with English subtitles?

  11. Zubair Ahmad

    I wan to know how can I watch malazgirt

  12. JAMIE

    Can you please tell me when this movie is going to be released with English subtitles and where

  13. Hazra

    Please please please 🙏 post Malazgrit in English subtitle its a request please

  14. bruh

    yall gotta chill lol, let the movie be available for streaming first then they will translate it (which I think isn’t an easy job). Just have some patience

  15. Ridwaan

    When will you published in English subtitles plsss can’t wait anymore

  16. Resham

    Malazgirt with english

  17. Greg

    When will Kayi Family put the full movie with english subtitles?

  18. Rachmat

    When is the new series Mendirman Jaloliddin coming out?

  19. Gakeem

    Love this turkish series, would like to see Malazgritz 1071 alsokingdoms of fire

  20. Ferdose khan

    Iam waiting for it to watch full movie.let me know the date and it’s going to be in series season 1 and season 2

  21. Julius lanuzga

    What happen to meyyit efinde in payitaht abdulhamid?

  22. Shakil azad

    Thank you