Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 1 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 1 English Subtitles Dailymotion Trade is our biggest weapon. If it is the center, then we also have aorta. This is the trade that keeps Annie standing in her footsteps. As powerful as Annie will be. Rome will be just as safe. Being able to spread his life to stop the enemy when needed, is a fortress. I believe that is the next goal of the Seljukites after Vasporakan.

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Therefore, the Surai market cannot be handed over to a soldier. You’re responsible here, Alexander. Be sure that I will fulfill my duty with full responsibility. You said: Above all, there is a task to please people’s hearts. And all the bad thing is to break someone’s heart. Now that I’m trying to make your heart happy, you’ve handed yourself over to sorrow.

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My mistake is big and sad infinite. And anger, too much. God looked at me. Peek in the eyes, everyone is you, aren’t you. Don’t lose two for one, Atab. You were deliberately hiding the truth from me. Even seeing my sorrow and the fire inside me. Don’t tell me this secret.

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You were not going to cool it down by putting water on the fire, you were. I lost my daughter for the second time in this mortal world . And the reason for losing for the second time. I said he: Tell, Mager he said: I swear. I will tell myself when the time comes.

When found out that both of you inside were bad.

And breaking the door when you saw people fighting shoulder to shoulder. Then what I knew about such a conclusion. Has anyone asked you for any calculations. We were in the battlefield. Where man nostrishes the jam of martyrdom. My daughter was lucky. I have not done to you. I am asking for initial calculations.

Despite being in front of so much time,

I’m asking for an account of not smelling it. I am asking for an account of getting hugged and not talking. This was my head and this was my neck. Agree to every decision. And I see the way too. Who can I go to and ask for calculations. He took the last breath in my hands. Not that, her father has become against me.

Come on, my head was crowned by Ibka, your daughter. On the Wasporakan, he was shoulder to death. His construction was done, returned. The father’s killer was in front, not separated his head from the torso in the mugger. Alp Arcelan who does not care about anyone’s order against his will . Now is not ready to do anything without order. Brother John, you are in a lot of rage.

You are asking me to stay calm instead of

your father’s revenge. You are not ashamed at all. Chaghri Sahib, Seljan mother and Gohar woman have come. The happy thoughts of victory have come to hear . If he is your father, then he is mine. Sultan is the uncle of the Tughral. The decision will be made when the right time comes. If you have a suitable place and time, they will decide, yes, Erbaskan. Gohar’s love has blindfolded you.

You have stood by the servant at their door for fear of getting out of Godher’s hand. My brother, Annal’s son, Prince Erbaskan, a girl Kaila is making their servant again.

Kurulus Osman Episode 1 in English

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