Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 93 In English Subtitles Bringing these people to the palace. You will attack along with the gods. All the Ghaznians with me. And they will kill these humiliations. No one will be offered in the service of Shhur Sultana. Jockey sir. Wasporacan Father Ranzun. Are these quarantine infidels or Muslims؟ There are Muslims and not.

Talk to me in the language you understand

That is, what Slajqi and Qaramatari. Are you on the same religion or not؟ Sir, quake, even if you consider yourself a Muslim like a Turkmans. Magar Muslims consider them misguided to change religion. Got it. The trouble that comes to the religion brought by the great Jesus. Also present in their religion. Quarantine, many friends can find in Constantinople. Definitely open their eyes will see them very well. Father Ranzun. Thank you. Now you can go. I also walk to the doctor.

That is, the ma’am was killed before the humiliation was spoken

This issue is getting more confusing. As soon as I get close, I am well tied to all sides. So this lion showed you the way to his place. Because of this, the rest of the people have survived. I think the same people can present proof of my bag. The reality is only that people can tell. Be worried. Amir Bozan has been given responsibility. They will bring them all to the palace. Rich Bozan؟ Baji, what am I saying and what are you saying؟ Alp Arslan.

If something happened to these people

That’s what will happen. No one will be able to save me from the charges against me. Give me a soldier. I will bring these people myself. .Baji This is a good place. Immediately hide. No one will be left alive. Maro tribe I warned you not to get away from the tribe. After so many accidents. What was doing in the woods؟ I thought I would look for herbs without going too far from the tribe. Ointment maker. There that unbeliever suddenly came to light.

If the Karaja woman suddenly arrives

there and doesn’t cook with help. Both were talking to each other like lovers. You didn’t say that no place left in your heart؟ What are you saying Caraja lady؟ I’m telling the truth. What can Akcha woman have to do with an infidel؟ Not ashamed to lie like this؟ This is not an accusation. Sir, don’t do that, don’t be deceived. I have seen and heard with my eyes.

I have also seen Caraja Woman

Forgot me؟ And then Solomon, the son of Erbaskan, all the soldiers saw. The pagan soldier wanted to kidnap Akcha at the behest of the dagger. Looks like “Being Hope” has turned your mind around. Understanding wrong even seeing. Bus. Now. Now not the warning of not going away from the tribe. I am ordering Akcha woman. I’m also wrong, sir. The Akcha woman was handed over to me. I shouldn’t have taken it out of sight. Now become a shadow. I will not let the eyes go away. Forgive me. Also took your precious time. The heart broke.

Now will not even step out of the tribe

Witness Hassan Sahib. Coming closer. There is a command of the natq. No one can survive. Where are you left؟ These shawls will catch this infidel and the truth will come out. Still saying the truth. Everyone has seen this infidel kidnap Akcha. When I sounded help. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles So then these people did this trick. Trust people instead of your eyes؟ The Akcha woman told the heart not to be empty. Now everyone knows. Akcha woman loves the Byzantine soldier.

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