Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 90 In English Subtitles The brain is not ready to accept it all. What is the reason you doubt؟ Well, when the attacks of these abalis were on the rise. Vasporakan’s bodyguard, Deugen. Amir Bozan came to trade agreements. And certainly without the permission of the bust-wielding, my sister, Shhoor Sultana, but also without knowledge.

The second time I was in my service

He came to talk about trade. That is, Kekaminos wants to increase trade. What else will he do؟ Which side are you pointing؟ Don’t want to trade with Baji, Amir Bozan. Tell me. What kind of trade is this؟ Baji. We didn’t talk about matters؟ Standing behind you are so much evidence of this humiliated person being great. Why are you defending it؟ Why has he become the minister of the empire؟ Any one. To say something. Want؟ You have to calculate every action.

What’s going on here؟ Soldiers are coming

Break. Help, help. I am Ghaznvi Prince Abdul Rashid. Amir Bozan has kidnapped all the crown positions. We have to get to the bus right away. The security of the empire. Immediately. On horses. Fear something؟ Threatened by this accursed؟ The life of the son is in danger؟ Where is my novice؟ I want to meet my grandchildren. Mr. Chaghri. My Sultan is the son of Bakhirat. Alp Arslan’s trouble is for no reason. Shhur Sultan is our Sultan. And your daughter. Baji.

Does not matter In your presence

It is not possible for Shhur to be considered as rich bozan. Not because it’s worthless. The precious thing is the kingdom, Mr. Chaghri. We have learned from you. Of the Ghazni Sultan in front of you. The deputy is standing. You do not interfere in the affairs of our empire. Shhoor Sultana. My nephew Masood is still a very young child. If Amir Bozan becomes a minister. So the Ghaznvi Empire will come into the fist of the Qur’anites. Didn’t think of a Muslim empire moving in the hands of Ablis؟ Mr. Alp Arcelan. There is an argument for forced occupation of Sultana.

Do you think like your brother Alp Arsalan too

Our thinking and row are not clear, Amir Bozan؟ Now you guys know well. Now my son Masood is the vow of the throne of the Ghazni Empire. I am his deputy. And Amir Bozan is his minister. And you guys. The Slavic Empire is the dignitaries. My empire has considered it its empire that is saying bad things to the minister If Amir Bozan is a traitor according to the martyr. So going there will be equal to risking life. Send a message to Shhoor Sultana. We will protect the prince.

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