Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles

As the episode progresses, tensions rise between Osman and his ally, Sheikh Edebali. The two have a heated argument, which ultimately leads to Sheikh Edebali leaving Osman’s camp. This rift between the two could have dire consequences for Osman and his cause.

The episode also sees the return of Bala Hatun, who had been held captive by the Byzantine army. Her return brings great relief to Osman and his followers, and they celebrate their reunion.

However, the celebration is short-lived as Osman’s enemies continue to plot against him. The episode ends with a shocking twist as Osman’s loyal companion, Boran Alp, is brutally murdered by one of Osman’s own soldiers, who is revealed to be a traitor.

Kurulus Osman Episode 81 is an action-packed and emotionally charged episode that has left fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. The series has captivated audiences around the world with its compelling storyline, stunning visuals, and talented cast. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys historical dramas and action-packed thrillers.

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