Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles The order that sir. If Solomon had something. So this Akcha Kotu. Break. Protect the car. let’s go. Save the car. ..Alp Arcelan Alp Arslan. And Akinay’s mother؟ Not the most right to know about your living and healthy being؟ So you yourself. And at the same time, I’m hurting my mother. Right.

And then the resurrection of the punishment of your oppression cannot wait

That the resurrection passes on the heart day. But if that’s what happens to me and my mother. Enemy Kalee can be a little hindrance. So I agree with Solomon. I agree. You are also pleased with you. Even from you. We are very kind to you and the woman. You two kingdoms. From your name, parents and friends. Above all, have given up. Akcha has been left in a difficult situation.

If not sure؟ Be worried about that

Wasporacan If it looks, keep watching. Then see. This is the miracle of the Lord. Thank you Lord. The body has become poison free. Thank God. Thanks. O docas, you are here too. It doesn’t always be nice to see. Allow permission. Mr. Commander. Remember me. Devgen. Watch you.Even if not well. What a big Sharaf. Glad to be back to see, sir.

The settlement has been besieged and I know now why

Yes.Why؟ As a general, first about such a large siege. I should have been told. Sir. Sir. I wanted to give you a great kind of surprise. Also as Vasporakan’s wife. When, what else to make a decision, I have to decide. General General. From the emperor, of Wasporakan. That’s fine until full control is gained. Commandant. Of course, the emperor will decide in your favor.

Listen to the recollection of the letter

Will change your decision. General General. It will not stop, sir. We will not stop. Don’t know how long our luggage will last. The infidels are at the door and the help is not reached. If this is the case, the condition of the soldiers will be acquitted. God will not do so. They will start disobedience. Will stand. Hunger, will die of thirst. The mugger flag where it is waved will not hand over the place to the infidels. Sir. Bolo. The Byzantine ambassador has arrived. Want to meet Annal Sahib.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles

Will be beneficial sir

Ibrahim Anal also seems to be as stubborn as the Alp Arcelan. Is his uncle. This stubbornness is present in the whole family, sir. Absolutely. Will compete until the end. Sure, not a single condition will be accepted. Over time, the uprising will begin to erupt. The “moral” of the soldiers will be weak. Disobedience will take place. Living if it were at your disposal.

So no one chooses to die

If you do not surrender. So this time hunger will be killed with thirst. This will be our position, sooner or later. We have to hurry. I am sure that the emperor will be thinking of making General Dupas the one of Vasporakan at the moment. Because of the blind and intellect-washed commandor. We have lost tens of soldiers. The letter. And the commander made of the wind. Nestor. When I think about it all. So it doesn’t seem difficult to regret what the emperor will decide.

This call must be obtained before the arrival of this muktob

And he also broke out without a soldier. The only settlement is not under siege . Rather, there is a siege around Vasporacan. We know that food is running out. If the ports are handed over. Vasporacan will be allowed to leave with the Tospahis. Say to Deogen. If you can get a letter, come on, do it. The door was that.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles

Mr. Vali also has a message from your soldiers

Sir. The surrender will be given the life. And will be allowed to go. The purpose of the infidels is to create temptation among us, sir. These people are more in numbers, sir. In such a situation. We are hungry. How will you break this siege؟ We are in bad times and no one has news about us. We are stuck sir. Staying will be heard. If attacked. So will they be killed. It’s not a muktob, it’s a matter of fun. Not to send this envoy. It is also permissible to cut off the head of this snake. If Murray, the letter will be theirs. Either hand over the word to them. And save your lives.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 In English Subtitles

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