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  1. Quadri

    I really love the scene ❤️

  2. Anonymous


  3. Hamzah Mukhtar

    Of course- I luv this scene

  4. Fadel Taha

    OMG! I LOVE THE SCENE OF ARES BECOMING MUSLIM. Fun fact, my favorite villain is Ares and it is a pleasure to see him as Ahmet

  5. Fadel

    1 of my favs but not sure if it was the best i most def loved this scene

  6. Shamsul Alam

    Yes , definitely this is the best scene to see how Allah rabbul alamin is showing His great mercy to someone.

  7. Jacqueline

    Yes is is one of the best scenes for it shows the forgiving power not only our LORD has for us but what we are to bestow on others due to our love for HIM.

  8. Ninuk Museno

    Very inspired film. Can’ wait for the next season 6 of Dirilis Ertugrul. Proud to be muslim. Rahmatan lil ‘alamin

  9. Dr Riaz Siddique

    I was really highly impressed with the series as well translation
    Please inform when we are going to get further episodes & Bolam as we are eagerly waiting for the same
    JazakAllah khairun

  10. osman bey

    this was not the best scene @kayifamily,com

  11. Laleena

    I have never seen a better show that this one in my entire life , love every second of this show , amd yes this scene took my breath away , put tears in my eyes , alhamdolillah.

  12. Christinne Costello

    I am in amazement with the entire series of Dirilis Ertugrul. I do wish there was a season 6, however I understand how it could change the message of historical/
    biographic/fiction. To round out the story with a season 6 could change it into historical fiction instead.

    I so want to purchase Dirilis Ertugrul with English subtitles! My prayer is to be led to that solution. May God’s peace & mercy be upon you, amen.

  13. Khalid Khurshid Siddiqui


  14. Afuradh Ali

    I really love the scene

  15. Melik Sencer

    Loved this scene but wouldn’t rate it the best

  16. martin

    ! of the best ,its a bold statement as in Ertugrul there are so many great scenes,i loved the scene where Ertugrul punishes Bahadur bey and his son in s4 e31.