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  1. Irshad

    How are you
    I don’t know how to operate
    No episode is playing when I try to, play
    Please guide me

  2. Ibrahim Kedir (From Ethiopia)

    Selamun Aleykum Werahmetullahi Weberekatuhu,

    I see the messages on Kurulus Osman Part73 last minutes, (some people are recording from You and uploading as their own).
    I seen so many others doing wrong actions but youy have to announce FROM THE BEGINNING to anybody who wants to see those videos only from your mentioned webs. Anyway your notice should be continued in every videos after & before.

    IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY NOTHING ABOUT kayiFamily.COM. REALLY YOU ARE THE GREAT HEROES OF THE 21ST CENTURY. MAY ALLAH(S.W) BLESS YOU(each & every body contributes for the production of Ertugrulim,Osmanim,seljukim,barbarosam…..) FOREEVER.

    ALLAH(S.W) seni her zaman korusun