Kurulus Osman

The series will focus on the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Gazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire.


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Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles.
The series will focus on the life of Osman Bey, the son of Ertugrul Gazi and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. As a result the story of Osman Gazi and Ottomans… He laid the foundations for an Turkish Islamic State that would rule for more than 600 years. The father of the Ottoman State Osman Gazi was born in 1258 in the town of Sogut. His father was Ertugrul Gazi and his mother was Halime Sultan. Osman Gazi was a tall man with a round face, dark complexion, hazel eyes, and thick eyebrows. His shoulders were fairly large and the upper part of his body was longer than the other parts. He used to wear a Horasan crown in the style of Cagatay, which was made of red broad cloth.

Osman Gazi was a brilliant leader. He was fair, brave and gracious. He helped the poor. Sometimes he gave his own cloths to the poor. Every mid-day, he gave a lavish meal to all people in his house.

Osman Gazi was just 23 when he succeeded the leadership of the Kayi Clan in Sogut, in 1281. He was a very brilliant rider and a fencer. He married to Mal Sultana who was the daughter of famous Omer bey. Mal Sultan gave birth to Orhan who succeeded the throne.

After a little silence, Seyh told him:
I have got good news Osman! Allah gave you sovereignty and to your son. All the world will be under the protection of your son and my daughter will be the wife to you.”

Kurulus Osman with English Subtitles

Support sister Emel for her great effort: https://gogetfunding.com/thank-you-for-translating-kurulus/

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  1. Unknow

    Nice 😀 and very tense, this drama gets you hooked on ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    8.0 rating
  2. Gonca_Hatun

    This is an amazing drama 😀 it is very tense and also gets you hooked on ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    10.0 rating
  3. Ramifateem

    Please focus more on Al HAQQ and Al DAWAH

    10.0 rating
  4. Akber Karim

    I am done with season 1 a week ago but I can’t wait for the season 2. Please release as fast as you can.

    10.0 rating
  5. Nasir Khan

    The character are made beautifully.
    Love all the characters.
    Allah bless all the people involved in this great series ❣️❤️

    10.0 rating
  6. Mohd Waseeque Khan

    I love osman series all character well-done work waiting for next season but iam mission ertgrul gazi and turgut gazi role very much please arrange comeback for them may allah help us all for ower dawah jazakallh to all

    7.0 rating
  7. Anwar Hussain

    Really it’s very nice historical drama. We are appreciate your hardwork for translating. It’s very interesting series. Can you please let us know when second season will come.

    10.0 rating
  8. Raza

    I love the historical context
    And i love turkey
    And i am in UK but back home Pakistan

    10.0 rating
  9. Muhammad Asim

    i love with my deepest heart of ertugal an kurulus osman, and desperately waiting for season 2

    10.0 rating
  10. Aslam Deraiya from INDIA.

    Assalamu Alaikum
    I Aslam from INDIA, I REALLY love this both serise ertugrul and osman Gazi, you have really work hard for this and you have given the very precious gift to these new generation that how ISLAM had spread(not bye force but with the HIKMAH AND PEACE) all ower the world.
    AND WE are waiting for next season please inform us when you resales…

    Thank you Again.. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    10.0 rating
  11. Farid Nasal

    Great series but Ertugrul was better

    10.0 rating
  12. Kausar Asra Saadat

    Kurulus Osman Season 1: an amazing, engaging, and interesting season. We do have plenty of suggestions in the hindsight saying what if and what not, but the truth of the matter is the theme of the series. The playwright and the direction and production deserves real applaud for making these series for us to watch and be engaged. As I watched episodes, I realised it’s the thread of Islam holding us together from thousands of miles apart. This is a miracle that we come together when Allah’s mention is made and Mohammad Rasool Allah SAWS PBUH seerat is mentioned that automatically bring us to the same field through our hearts. Osmania Empire has left a high impact on the world. It has political, social and Economic effects to the Muslims all around the world. I am an Indian Muslim from the subcontinent of India and grew up knowing, learning about the Sultanate Osmania. The Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan in India we’re close to Osmania Sultanate through marriage. Muslims in India cried tears of blood and helped with money, jewelery and duas when the empire was dissolved in 1924. What I am trying to say is Osmania Empire has always been very close to Indian Muslims hearts. Thanks to Mr. Bozdag for bringing the history to light through his magical production of these series,. Thank You to actors, directors, producers and every one involved for strengthening our Iman Alhamdulillah!

    10.0 rating
  13. Ana


    10.0 rating
  14. WanPaiYE

    Next Season 2 year 2021…?

    10.0 rating
  15. shaik irfanulla

    All Episodes are good from Begining it’s Slow script but after episode 21 it’s very interesting. In Kayifamily website we can watch in English subtitles but it Buffer little bit.

    9.0 rating
  16. Marilyn

    We finished watching all the 5 seasons of Ertugrul and season 1 of Osman. The whole family is so engaged in the series and love the rich history and culture that comes through the storyline. We are not Muslims, so watching these 2 series have taught us so much and helped us to debunk mall the myths and lies about Islam. Thank you so much for bringing this historical truths and sharing this with the world.

    10.0 rating
  17. Insah

    Support our sister Emel from this link: https://gogetfunding.com/thank-you-for-translating-dirilis/#

    10.0 rating
  18. Saqlain

    When season 2 will be released???

    10.0 rating
    • Insah

      September or October.

  19. Zafar iqbal

    When the kurulus osman sesion 2 will upload..

    10.0 rating
  20. Muhammad

    Second tv show after Ertugrul with whom i have been attracted with.
    Graphics are good and scenery too. And it is also tense and every episode brings a new twist.

    9.0 rating
  21. Mariam Eldiwany


    I am writing this complaint about the way Osmaan’s and other characters mustaches are cut. It has come to my attention that they mustaches are not cut according to the sunnah yet the bad people in the series has a proper sunnah mustache. It is inappropriate as this is an Islamic series based on the strong Imaan of the Ottoman Empire yet the way the actors are shown is sending a bad message.

    8.0 rating
  22. Muhiba

    Please hurry with the season 2! Can’t wait 😊

    10.0 rating
  23. Raja

    Just love it

    10.0 rating
  24. Anonomous

    any1 know when season 2 will come out ?

    8.0 rating
  25. Ibrahim Saleh

    Masha Allah everything worked out perfectly. And thanks to the sister that always give her efforts and time to translate it into english

    10.0 rating
  26. Donna

    I enjoyed watching ertugrul & now Osman, the best dramas i have ever watched, can’t wait for Osman season 2, when will it be released for us to watch???

    10.0 rating
  27. Masud Reza

    Very Nice

    9.0 rating
  28. Nusha

    Salaam Alaikum
    I hope the makers of these series are reading all the compliments and comments on this website.

    Hats off to all the Directors, Producers and every actor of the Ertugrul and Osman series!! Congratulations for the great success!!

    I have never watched any other series as diligently as I have watched these series. It’s obvious that a lot of hard work and perfection has gone into the making of these series. Amazing acting by everyone seen on the screen, wonderful screenplay and GREAT DIRECTION! Thank you very much for bringing our history as close to real as possible. I wish this series of Islamic struggle is available to watch for a long long time to come, for our children, and for many generations to come. I only wish the marriage of Orhan’s mother was also portrayed as per history.

    We’re missing the characters of Ertugrul and Turgut in Osman series. As per history, Turgut accompanied Osman in his wars, isn’t it?

    9.0 rating
  29. Muhmad Tariq

    Amazing just waiting for the second season to come.

    10.0 rating
  30. Zuber

    I like very much but only one thing they are stretching the episodes so it creating boaring…..

    And if the trap are same like ertugrul gazi so it will be also created boared

    10.0 rating
  31. Ali Ibrahimi

    Suleyman Shah o Ertugrul Gazi o Osman Gazi o Oran Gazi o Murad Gazi o Bayezid Gazi o Mehmed Gazi o Murad Gazi o Mehmed Al Fatih

    10.0 rating
  32. shuja Kamili

    Just Amazing series, thoroughly enjoying now ever since i heard about Drilis, Ortugral brilliant direction and super picture quality.
    Please make more and more series or movies on such brave heroes who have done so much for Islam and Muslim Ummah but people have not heard much. Watching them makes people to remember more. Please make series also on Omar bin Khatab RA, Abu Bakar RA, Khalid Bin Waleed etc etc. Please also make a shirt movie on the cruelty, injustice that was prevailing in Arab world before coming of Islam. Also make series on great battles of Islam. We would love to watch a comprehensive series about great Muslim scholars, scientists, educationist etc.

    9.0 rating
  33. Raza khan

    i love this fro pakistan

    10.0 rating
  34. Moism

    Thanks to the entire crew of ertugal and Osman gazi team.. I loved ottoman history… When I was in class 5 we had history subject little about ottoman and Constantinople..
    There is many more to come from ottoman like fathi Mehmet and Sulaiman kanuni…. We pray and make dua for the team who work vary hard to make understand of our Deen and king who fought for justice and spread of Islam….

    Much love from India…

    9.0 rating
  35. Osman bey

    Mashallah very good and it is my excuse to be learning about the pre Islamic history but in detail

    10.0 rating
  36. Mushtaq Ahmad Tromboo

    Excellent serial. Every actor in the drama has done great job.
    Hope season 7 will be released soon .

    10.0 rating

    Maa sha Allah,very good effort to wake the muslim hearts with Imaan.

    10.0 rating

    Amazing Series. We are thankful that you people are helping to know our history.

    10.0 rating
  39. Afg Naj

    When is the next episode coming

    10.0 rating
  40. ILoveturkishseries

    I love the kayifamily series.They are really good,Mashallah !! Keep going my brothers and sisters.Also support sister Emel !!!

    10.0 rating
  41. ILoveturkishseries

    I love the kayifamily series.They are really good,Mashallah !! Keep going my brothers and sisters.Also support sister Emel !!!

    10.0 rating
  42. Ielhaam Abrahams

    When will season 2 start 💝💖💖💖💖

    10.0 rating
  43. Umar

    Best best thing I’ve ever seen!😀

    10.0 rating
  44. mesut ozil

    This show is amazing, and if people stopped comparing it to ertugrul they’d see that. osman is a character that needs time to grow. he makes mistakes, and that’s okay. this show does a great job in showing that he, too, is a human being who is capable of messing up instead of some perfect soldier who never loses a fight. 10/10 i would recommend Please hurry with the season 2! Can’t wait

    and season 2 is coming out in four months in november to whoever is curious

    10.0 rating
  45. Muhammad Waleed

    MashAllah great effort and fabulous effort to make the best possible work

    10.0 rating
  46. mahamad dib

    any update

    10.0 rating
  47. masood khan




    10.0 rating
  48. Jehangir Adenwala

    It’s was Great
    Allah u Akbar

    10.0 rating
  49. shaik mohammed rafi

    I have completed viewing all 27 episodes of kurulus osman from season 1, 10 days ago, and I very eager – every day i keep searching for season 2. Please accord my request to upload all the seasons of kurulus osman son of ertugrul ghazi. really you can understand how whole world is waiting to view both father and son together

    10.0 rating

    Awesome 👍

    10.0 rating
  51. Muhammad Farooq

    Wonderful depiction of history and fiction, love to watch Osman and Ertugrul Gazi great life. Waiting for season to release ASAP.

    10.0 rating
  52. Kausar Asra Saadat

    I am one of the faithful fans of Kurulus Osman. Each time I watch a YouTube video about KO Season 2 and they talk about Osman Bey’s second marriage, with Malhun Hatun my heart skips a beat and my heart cries for Bala. I love the character of Bala, such purity of heart, yet she suffers a bad injury at the hands of cursed sarkutey. I can’t bear the thought that Bala must endure so much pain of letting her husband marry another lady. They are hardly married and end up with major troubles. Poor Bala doesn’t get a chance to enjoy her married life, yet season ends and next season her husband will marry another lady. Why this to Bala, please let our producer know as well screen play writer know that we request Osman bey be happily married to Bala. Please don’t Bala go through such pain.

    10.0 rating
  53. Hsjsjd

    Please I watched season 1. Put season 2 fast as u can so bored in home pls

    10.0 rating
  54. Sam

    Where I will be able to watch season 2 and more of kurulus Osman with English subtitles? Please reply.

    10.0 rating
  55. Mohd azmathulla Khan

    It’s an very interesting to watch erturgrul and osman we are about to know d real history’s I’m eagerly waiting for second season hope it will come as soon as thanks to writer and director who judge very good and the actors too played a great roles

    10.0 rating
  56. Imran


    10.0 rating
  57. Raza khan

    when session 2 will come?

    10.0 rating
  58. Altaf Hussain

    Love it

    10.0 rating
  59. Asad Rehman

    The character are made beautifully.Love all the characters.Allah bless all the people involved in this great series ertugrul and osman Gazi, you have really work hard for this and you have given the very precious gift to these new generation that how ISLAM had spread(not bye force but with the HIKMAH AND PEACE) all ower the world we are waiting for next season please inform us when you resales

    10.0 rating
  60. Someone

    Ertugrul Ghazi series was better but Osman Ghazi is a bit boring

    6.0 rating
  61. Salma al Farooqi

    This is one of the best historical series after Ertugrul.
    Can’t wait to see kurulus Osman Second season. This is very interesting amazing and extra ordinary drama.
    Hope to see Orhan Gazi also I’m Osman or after Kurulus series .

    10.0 rating
  62. shadab bakshi

    When will come episode 28

    10.0 rating
  63. Usman

    Perfect Moral story for all Muslims and other mankinds

    10.0 rating
  64. Abdallah Bin Munassar Jabri

    Thanks My Allah for the All world, s past real story without any sencer because need to know All worlds people and staying all Muslims at one plat from

    10.0 rating
  65. Biswas

    Is next episode kurulus osman 29 there available??

    8.0 rating
  66. Faraz

    No doubt …. this is another rocking session like erthgurl.
    Actor who act as USMAN is absolutely dashing, grooming himself in every episode and acting like a real lion.
    In short excellent piece of work

    10.0 rating
  67. Anower Hossin

    Supper awesome!

    10.0 rating
  68. Sanaullah Rasekh

    when should be released kurulus osman Season 2

    10.0 rating
  69. Anita

    I am waiting for season 2. Please let us know when that will be available.

    Thank you!

    10.0 rating
  70. Muhammed

    This is one of the best shows

    10.0 rating
  71. Sagar vari

    Awesome series,I continue it with ertrugrul season…

    9.0 rating
  72. Theresa

    loved watching Kurulus Osman.. I watched the entire 1st season in 4 days..

    10.0 rating
  73. Gail Nestopoulos

    I first was introduced to this drama by first watching Ressurection Ertrugal on Netflix, I watched all of the seasons it was a great drama and I learned so much about the muslim faith and their leadership. I enjoyed watching Ressurection Osman and wish that it also was on Netflix but we watched it on YouTube which was a bit disorganized and was hard to find all of the shows in English and had to miss a couple of episodes since we could not find the episodes all in english. I feel that it would be best shown on Netflix. We completed the Season 1 and am looking forward to Season 2 as soon as possible.

    9.0 rating
  74. Sadiq Shaikh


    10.0 rating
  75. Penny

    Amazing. Loved this show. The director and all involved should win awards. Please keep these shows coming!!! Sending much love from Australia !!!

    10.0 rating
  76. Mac U Tending

    A very nice sequel to ERTUGRUL, a fantastic series wherein I was hooked-up before. Thanks you made this KURULUS OSMAN series & it really made my day since I’ve started watching this Season 1. Great production, talented actors & actresses with fantastic, beautiful sceneries. Great work I congratulate all the STAFFS for the job well done. Gratitude to all of you. May Allah (SWT) blessed you all ^_^.

    8.0 rating
  77. Birgit

    It’s going to be finish of mine day, however before finish
    I am reading this enormous piece of writing to increase my experience.

    Look at my web blog site,

    6.0 rating
  78. Farrukh Syed

    Osman is a absolutely character of lion and Burak Özçivit doing great job. I also want to see Turgut, Samsa bay characters where they in real life fought battles together and conquered castles.

    10.0 rating
  79. Hussain

    Hello Team,
    Excellent series is produced and excellent effort. The series engaged everyone and then nobody can stop watching … this is the best thing in this series… Now, will Ertugral Ghazi return in second Season??

    10.0 rating
  80. shoib khan

    very Beautiful Series .. waiting for second Season . continue with good Work

    10.0 rating
  81. mahamad dib

    the best show ever i cant wait for the next searice to come may Allah reward all

    10.0 rating
  82. Mohd Arif Khan

    This is amazing drama but need in Urdu

    10.0 rating
  83. Md Salim Reza

    When we will get the next episode?

    10.0 rating
  84. Christine Clark

    Love the show. Is season one over? I keep coming back hoping to find “Episode 28.”

    8.0 rating
  85. Syed ilyas

    Please launch kurlus Osman’s next season m waiting since very long time plse.

    You people r really very good

    10.0 rating
  86. Bernie

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    5.0 rating
  87. Younus hussain

    I love Kurlus Usman series all character’s Performed well their work in a Professional manner , eagerly waiting for next season but i’m Missing Ertugrul Gazi and Turgut Gazi role very much please bring these characters back.
    May Allah help us all in Reviving Usmania Caliphate !!!!!

    10.0 rating
  88. Christi

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    8.0 rating
  90. Atiur Rahman

    Excellent. Thanks for English Dubbing. It will be better if these are also available in Bengali Language…

    10.0 rating
  91. Nasir

    Aye Mashaallah

    10.0 rating
  92. Far

    Compared to ertugrul, direction as well as acting of main lead is disappointing … also most of shooting seem to be out doors, either outside tent or outside building, which is so unreal… the main lead seem to possess same expression for every situation, unlike engen’s acting… I would suggest either you redirect season 1 with change in main lead or induce big changes in season 2..

    3.0 rating
  93. Casey

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    those new to the blogosphere. Short but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing
    this one. A must read post!

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    4.0 rating
  94. MALIK Fayaz Ahmed

    Loved the series… Just brilliance.. Hope season 2 will begin soon

    10.0 rating
  95. Zafar Alam

    This is best show after ertugrul ghazi

    10.0 rating
  96. The MSA


    10.0 rating
  97. Basit Tawheedi

    Mashallah what a beautiful series….Long live turkey, long live kashmir #Gardash

    10.0 rating
  98. De-anne

    I’m hooked….

    8.0 rating
  99. Salman shaikh

    This drama so nice and dor lot of love .may god bless to all Muslim that thay run on the right way

    10.0 rating
  100. mustafa shaikh

    when will you add next episodes

    10.0 rating
  101. Numa

    Please change the update so it can have an Apple TV option. We aren’t able to watch any episodes 😩😭 not giving th e other star because of this reason. We will also donate if u change the option

    9.0 rating
  102. Fatmir

    I am gratefully for the big work you are doing…..

    respect for you

    10.0 rating
  103. Kamal Abrazi

    I noticed, that unfortunately is not possible to cast anymore. I don’t see the cast icon anymore and that’s sad 🙁

    3.0 rating
    • Insah

      Check other sources. They have cast.

  104. Shafin

    Why there is not season two pls tell season 1 is very good

    9.0 rating
  105. Jami

    These are truly impressive ideas in regarding blogging.
    You have touched some good things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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    9.0 rating
  106. Shahid Nawaz

    We are waiting for next season off Osman

    10.0 rating
  107. Connor

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on หวย.

    7.0 rating
  108. JM Younis

    Professionalisms shines through with all crew members, Educational ,Entertaining and gripping block buster, Need more on Same topic highlighting true face of Islam

    8.0 rating
  109. Mohammad Ahsan

    Please translate it in urdu so that people from INDIA and PAKISTAN can see and improve the videos quality

    2.0 rating
  110. hamza

    amazing pls make more

    10.0 rating
  111. Xxx


    10.0 rating
  112. Rahman

    Very good series it’s would be better than ertugrul Gazi Allahu Akbar.

    10.0 rating
  113. Mohammed Shakeeb Inamdar


    10.0 rating
  114. Ferdinand

    Great web site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to a few buddies ans also
    sharing in delicious. And certainly, thank you for your effort!바카라

    7.0 rating
  115. Mohamed hussain

    The new character of ertrugrul is not really good bring back the old ertrugrul (Elgin) his acting is tremendous, unbelievable awesome superb..

    1.0 rating
  116. Abbasia Abbasia

    The new character of ertrugrul is not really good bring back the old ertrugrul (Elgin) his acting is tremendous, unbelievable awesome superb..

    10 rating

    10.0 rating
  117. Lillian Thurman

    Very very very good

    10.0 rating
  118. M kashif

    Any tentative date for airing of usman seaon 2 episode 1, if there is , then please let us know.
    Thanks in anticipation

    10.0 rating
  119. Mohammad Bhasha

    I am waiting for Osman season 2.

    10.0 rating
  120. Mohammed Ali Mirza

    Season 2 is not available y only 3 episode is there that also trailor is there pls suggest where can i see season 2 of kurulus osman

    10.0 rating
  121. Masitah

    It’s a very good series of movie. I’m watching since the first season of Ertugrul. Waiting for the continuous second season of Kurulus Osman.

    When will the second season release?

    10.0 rating
  122. Khalid

    Great series, didn’t expect this to be this good after watching Dirilis Ertugrul bit this one is just as goid as it’s predecessor.
    The only thing is, the series is small, should have been bigger. Only 27 episodes in season 1, I think there was enough plot to have many more episodes.
    This was the problem in Dirlis Ertugrul as well, longest season is only 30 episodes. I feel that the next season should be “atleast” 32-35 episodes.

    10.0 rating
  123. Haider

    Tonight will release on ATV 😎. Episode 28

    10.0 rating


    10.0 rating
  125. Diana

    In your description of Osman:
    ” His father was Ertugrul Gazi and his mother was Hayme Sultan”. His mother was not Hayme Hatun, that was Ertugrul’s mother. Osman’s mother was Halime Sultan.

    You are doing a fantastic job at translation and I only watch Kurulus Osman here. You are the best!! I cannot wait until season 2!!

    9.0 rating
  126. Malik Moustafa

    When is the new season be on the website?
    I know that today was the first episode but I don’t know when it will be here

    10.0 rating
  127. Aaqib Javid

    I have lack of word to express my feelings
    Such a great history
    Love you Turky 🇵🇰❤️🇹🇷

    10.0 rating
  128. Hashaam junaid

    Kindly send Osman season 2 episodes 1 its been 23 min to start.Plz

    10.0 rating
  129. mohammedharoon ghori

    Brilliant trailer and this time the expression of osman are amazing and I have a question when will season 2 episode 1 in English subtitles

    10.0 rating
  130. Kashif

    The best series ever I’ve ever seen after dirilish ertugrul.
    I’d been waiting for this second season since the conclusion of the first season.
    This is just terribly amazing, can’t explain in a few words, this series couldn’t be better 🌟

    10.0 rating
  131. Ali Reza

    Previously there was a download option in online stream but now there is no download option plzz add download option so that we can watch it ofline plzzz otherwise you r best

    10.0 rating
  132. Ali Reza

    Plzz add download option 😁

    10.0 rating
  133. Syed Ali


    10.0 rating
  134. Abdirizak Mohamed Ali

    I am student in mogadishu i like kurulus osman

    10.0 rating
  135. Moheen Malik

    Excellent series.

    10.0 rating
  136. Khalid

    Amazing series, hope to see rest 6 seasons soon and expect them to be bigger than the 1st one

    10.0 rating
  137. mohammed noor munshi

    Please upload the 2nd season. We are waiting for it.

    Loved so much

    10.0 rating
  138. Imthiyaz

    Great translation..

    10.0 rating
  139. Son of Solayman shah, Ertugrul

    Sulayman shah son Ertugrul here!

    I’ll be back in season 6 I’m the real don

    10.0 rating
  140. Haris khan

    I really love all seasons

    10.0 rating
  141. MD ASIF

    Best best best very best 😍😍😍

    10.0 rating
  142. Hanad

    Wow what a enjoy full translation and very nice historical drama I really appreciate you guys, keep going….. #kayifamly💪🏾

    10.0 rating
  143. salamat shawon

    dirilis ertugurul 10

    10.0 rating
  144. Zubair

    Best One.. Big fan of Ottoman Empire.. ❤️❤️

    10.0 rating
  145. Mohammad Akhtar Seikh

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