Bow and arrow give humans the chance to hunt down animals that are faster than them and enable us to fight in groups in wide-ranging battlefields. In our documentary series, we will watch the ages-long journey of this weapon, which is as old as mankind itself and trace the glorious Turkish archers ranging from Central Asia to Europe.



Into the heart of the wildlife… With Engin Altan Düzyatan, traveling to the Wild Continent: Africa, we are heading to Masai Mara, the reserve area of Kenya. Our presenter witnesses the daily lives of the people that maintain their life in spite of the dangers that nature holds, and takes photos of wildlife by setting up camp on the migration routes of dangerous animals at the same time. You can watch all the episodes of "You Witness Too" ON

Almost once every hundred years, great commanders faced each other in war. The reasons for these wars, the questions that faced leaders and fighters, the resources, tactics and advantages armies had, as well as their moments of triumph and defeat are all animated chronologically. Legends of War will have you locked to your screen as you relive those times.


Rasulullah's (Aleyhi Salatu Vesselam) Revelation journey with English subtitles.


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