Yunus Emre - 2 - Yunus Emre Episode 2

60 Minutes

Translation note for this episode:

*The Battle of Köse Dağ was fought between the Sultanate of Rum ruled by the Seljuq dynasty and the Mongol Empire on June 26, 1243 at the defile of Köse Dağ, a location between Erzincan and Gümüşhane in modern northeastern Turkey.

*More, re, bre are interjections and/or vocative particles common to Albanian, Greek, Romanian, South Slavic(Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian), Turkish, Venetian and Ukrainian. It is used in colloquial speech to gain someone’s attention, add emphasis, insult, or express surprise or astonishment.

*Karatay Madrasa is a madrasa built in Konya, Turkey, in 1251 by the Emir of the city Celaleddin Karatay, serving the Seljuk sultan.

*Ahi community, a fraternity and guild which for more than half a century was also a beylik in 14th century Turkey

*Aktar (Herbalist): A person or shop that sells spices and perfume.

*Alanya: formerly Alaiye, is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province on the southern coast of Turkey

*Yabanlu: In the 13th century the Seljuks operated an annual international fair known as the Yabanlu Bazaar (Bazaar of the Foreigners))

*Rabb: an Arabic word meaning Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, Nourisher. In Islam,Ar-Rabb is often used to refer to Allah)

*Khidr (Aleyhi Salam) (Hızır): A person described but not mentioned by name in the Quran, as a righteous servant of Allah possessing great wisdom or mystic knowledge.

*Mihrab Maker: A semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla, that is, the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca and hence the direction that Muslims should face when praying.

*Astaghfirullah: I seek forgiveness in Allah. In a religious way, people can recite it during meditation or say it to others to show humility. That is to say that Allah is the Greater or that goodness comes from Allah)

*Minbar: pulpit in the mosque where the imam (prayer leader) stands to deliver sermons (خطبة, khutbah))

*Madrasa: In non Arabic countries, the word usually refers to a specific type of religious school or college for the study of the religion of Islam, though this may not be the only subject studied.

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  1. Tammy

    After watching the 1st episode I wasn’t sure if I liked this show, but I decided to watch this second episode and it’s starting to get better and more interesting.

    8.0 rating
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