The Nameless - 14 FINAL - The Nameless Episode 27 FINAL

99 MinutesAdded: 24.01.2021

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  1. Mehran Elahi

    Thank you so much guys, I don’t have enough words to appreciate your hard work. May Allah Be Pleased With You! Stay Blessed.

    10.0 rating
  2. Ibtesam

    Unbelievable but 100% true facts. God Bless You

    10.0 rating

    very motivational ,heart touching series….Best of luck …All team…live long….MAA SHAA ALLAH..
    Hopefully new series like soze and nameless soon will be premiered..IN SHAA A

    10.0 rating
  4. Kayilover


    10.0 rating
  5. Dayi

    What a good ending…
    Really love the seasons from day 1.
    Followed the episodes even didn’t miss a second.

    10.0 rating
  6. Siti

    We cant thank you enough, kayi family team.
    May Allah bless you.

    From Malaysia

    10.0 rating
  7. ilir


    10.0 rating
  8. Kayilover

    The role of two engineers in last episode wasn’t upto mark. It comes out of no way that strong qudret bey gets caught off.
    Anyway else was extremely beautiful

    10.0 rating
  9. Imran Khan

    I felt it was closed abrupt with some old stories recapped to strech

    3.0 rating
  10. Atif Malik

    I really loved it. had to cut my sleep time to watch this beautiful series everyday after work. I was hoping to see the reaction of the people of Virankaya on seeing their heroes back alive :). I am from Pakitan and hopefully I will visit Turkey sometime soon and visit Virankaya. This series had me locked into it. Love you guys all. Special thanks to the person who translated it for us. Love you Turkey

    10.0 rating
  11. Kayilover

    Lot of love and Immense prayers for the guys behind translation process…

    10.0 rating
  12. Sk. Mohammad Akhtar

    Love you. From 🇮🇳

    10.0 rating
  13. Nour Abla

    I wished there’s Season 3 for this. Really increased my love for Turkey and her people.

    10.0 rating
  14. Muhammad Imran


    10.0 rating
  15. Muhammad hanif

    I wish if they have last family meeting in the final 😭😭

    10.0 rating
  16. Saud mir

    Ending is just good. It can be much good when they reunite with families. Moreover idk what happened with burfen zafar like how afran survive that

    8.0 rating
  17. Sharik Juber Shah Mohsin Shah

    I have finished season 2..and feeling happy and Satisfied…Superb Story..
    Just one thing is missing,and that is the families and their reactions on time of meeting.

    9.0 rating
  18. Hussean Fiin

    Excellent, I wish the Turkish government teach this nationalism to Somali soldiers that they train.
    This is really a good work of arts. Entertaining, emotional, and completely hooked to watch both seasons in a week.

    10.0 rating
  19. Husnain Khurshid

    awsome, want to see many more seasons

    10.0 rating
  20. Abdul

    I completed watching this series. What a great series. Was not too long and I’m glad that there is only 2 season. Great lessons to be learnt as well. Turkey is a great nation,

    10.0 rating
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