You Witness Too - 1 - The Journey Begins

26 Minutes
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  1. A Naseer

    Your message is clear and loud to the world who were failed to support Africa more than decade. Thank you very much Eltan for your struggle and hard work for the poor.

    We love and support #Pakistan #Brotherhood #Turkey

    10.0 rating
  2. Jilani Khan

    Simly great

    10.0 rating
  3. ilahi sayed

    My Favourite Engin (Ertugrul Ghazi)

    10.0 rating
  4. Prof.Shahid Iqbal

    MashaAllah, excellent piece of work by a great actor and a kind hearted human being .If every human being feel the same way there will be no poverty and starvation on this planet.I pray to Allmighty Allah for his safty and suess. Ameen

    10.0 rating
  5. Mona Mayy

    Im from the US and I love this guy. He’s a good human being and an excellent actor. Love every show he does. Resurrection Ertugal is my favorite. Thanks for making such quality shows.

    10.0 rating
  6. Hazrat ali

    Perfect site

    10.0 rating
  7. Abdul

    Masha Allah

    10.0 rating
  8. Abdul

    Masha Allah…

    10.0 rating
  9. UmmK

    I’m so amazed and proud. May Allah help you achieve your promise. We are all responsible for Africa and the rest of the world.

    10.0 rating
  10. Zaki Ahmed

    Ma sha Allah. Keep up the good work.

    10.0 rating
  11. Yemisi joy

    Nice one

    10.0 rating
  12. Maria Maston

    Love watchimg anything with this great actor after Estrugal,

    10.0 rating
  13. Maria Maston

    Great actor

    10.0 rating
  14. Arsh


    10.0 rating
  15. shoaib ahmad

    i like so much turkish people and girls.
    u should translate all dramas and movies in urdu for Indian muslims and their kids.

    10.0 rating
  16. Andrew Ali

    This is the most beautiful, innocent and untouched place on earth,so much potential

    10.0 rating
  17. Zainab tarar

    It’s so heart warming to see someone using his fame for the right cause

    10.0 rating
  18. Maureen Johnson

    Thank you!!!!! I am a travel agent and went to Kenya in November 2019. I also enjoyed Dirilus: Ertugrul so much. I am now watching Kurulus Osman and Payitaht AbdulHamid. I do plan to travel to Turkey, if God permits!!!

    Looking forward to the Eipsode 2 of “You Witness Too- The Journey Begins!! Great job!!!!!

    10.0 rating
  19. Nazim Hussain

    Fantastic effort

    10.0 rating
  20. Mohammad Ahmad


    10.0 rating
  21. Abdishakur mohamed

    Welcome to kenya ertugrul ghazi.we have the whole of northern Kenya dry and with water problems too.The land of friendly and resilient people KENYA

    10.0 rating
  22. Afsar Ahmed

    I have not yet started watching this

    1.0 rating

    What you are doing is amazing. I already, think that you are an amazing actor and I love watching you. I am a great fan of you, I have a lot of respect and admiration for how you are trying to help in Africa/Kenja. It’s a wonderful thing and I hope that your message gets across the world to others to want to also help and resolve the water issues that they are having. Your work is exceptional!

    10.0 rating
  24. Haneef R Jordan

    This just warms my heart. You are doing a great thing here I wish you success on your journey.

    10.0 rating
  25. Muhammed ameen p


    7.0 rating
  26. Andrew Ali

    I am interested in knowing about Africa water problems

    10.0 rating
  27. Ace Virginian

    Real reporting and beautiful country side and beautiful people.

    10.0 rating
  28. Dr. Syed Tahseen Ahmed

    Fantastic journey with Engin exploring Africa. Masha Allah 😊

    10.0 rating
  29. Reginel khan

    His so amazing like his character in ertugal keep it up idol

    10.0 rating
  30. Judith McGinnis

    This was so beautiful. Quiet, calm….my heart actually slowed down. So well done❣️

    10.0 rating
  31. Judith McGinnis

    This was so beautifully done. Altan is so calm and quiet. It made me calm and quiet so I could enjoy the first leg of this journey. I am thankful for his love of Africa and for his heart to serve the people there.

    10.0 rating
  32. Sufail

    Masha allah

    9.0 rating
  33. Tallat

    Salaam alaikum,
    I just posted a review, lemme explain it was for the act of Erthgul ghazi R .A .

    10.0 rating
  34. Saihum

    Extremely proud of you! Ma shaa Allah

    10.0 rating
  35. Swaleh Shariff Ismail

    Good job

    10.0 rating
  36. Firaol oumer

    It is very very good I appreciate kayifamily for this

    8.0 rating

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