Legends of War - 2 - The Battle of Malazgirt

What did Sultan Alparslan think of when he confronted an army that was three times the size of his forces? Could the Byzantine Emperor Romanian Diogenes eliminate the Turkish threat? On the one hand, Romanian Diogenes, who rose to the empire after his successful history in the Byzantine army, as a result, Sultan Alparslan, who was known as the father of conquests.

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  1. Lazar petrovich

    I heard about sultan alparslan opening the doors to Anatolia in the battel of Malgaritz. But I wanted to know the history behind it. Sadly all the ones were in Turkish. That was when I, found this website. Amazing work translating Kayifamily.com. And also good quality and sound and accurate subtitles. I watch all your translated Work :
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    10.0 rating
  2. Raul

    Excellent documentary!!!

    10.0 rating