Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 3


  1. Awesome and I m a big fan of every character of Ertugrul and osman

    1. Kurulus Osman is now slowing down and getting bored.

  2. Watched Ertlugrul 3 times loved the series
    Watched Kurulus season 1 and 2 would like to watch season 3
    Watched Barbarsolar
    Busy with Destan
    Love all the Turkish Series

    1. I watched Ertrugrul 11 time waiting for season 2 of Destan watching Alparslan seen Uyannis waiting for season 2 of Barbaroslar and seen a couple more brilliant love all these series

  3. Vv nice series I liked v much all episodes of kurulus osman

  4. Watched kuruluş Osman season 1&2. Loved it.

  5. Osman is my favorite series

  6. Hi… I am from Bangladesh and i like and love to the ertugrul and osman Series.

  7. Best series of all time 👏❤

  8. Episode Usman nice

  9. episode Usman is nice and great

  10. Great to watch our Islamic history and I really feel proud that we Muslims are always king

  11. Super super excellent no words

  12. Dastur osman bey

  13. I love the seazon

  14. Awesome series

  15. English subtitles should needed

  16. Awesome series I love both ertugrul and Osman,when compared to Osman with ertugrul.Ertugrul will be in the upper hand.

  17. Allah aap ki har tarike se jayaz Tamanna Puri kare …. AAMEEN

  18. I love Kurulus Osman series.

  19. When season 4 is starting

    1. That’s d end of kurulus Osman series only 3 seasons

  20. Ertugrul was the best turkish show I ever watched. My favorite actor was Turgut as his emotions were very real, I have started watching osman but it’s not the same as all the actors from ertugrul have passed. But I love the acting and mostly Bala and osman

  21. I love kurulus series

  22. Superb this series makes my imaan powerful and every character touches my heart and waiting for season 4 Osman……….Hayyyyyyyydeeeeeeeeee

  23. derilis n kurulus both very2 good drama series i ever seen..love it

  24. Awesome wbsite and i am big fan of ertrugrul and osman series both series are awesome

  25. I have watched all ertrugrul series those are awesome an now i zm watching osman series good and best series these are

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