Kurulus Osman - 14 - Kurulus Osman Episode 41

Added: 06.01.2021

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  1. Ali Azeem Khan

    great series to watch. amazing work done by all

    10.0 rating
  2. Manzar imam

    Amazing episode I really love thanks for uploading

    10.0 rating
  3. Czar of Petersburg

    even though only small part i will accept
    even if you do 1 minute i will be happy

    10.0 rating
  4. Saad Ishaq

    Best series and best translator thank you for your Hard-work

    10.0 rating
  5. Manzar imam

    Amazing episode

    10.0 rating
  6. Aamir Chadhar

    Nice Translation

    10.0 rating
  7. norhayati mohd noordin

    great series

    10.0 rating
  8. Muhammad Raza

    Absolutely good

    10.0 rating
  9. Hamza

    nice series and good translation

    10.0 rating
  10. mudassir bhutto

    Greatest show ever! Like Ertugal! Love Turkish History!

    10.0 rating
  11. Mustafa

    What a mockery of a beautiful history. Bozdeg should be punished for disgracing the legacy of the Othaman Khilafa.

    3.0 rating
  12. ayyaz sheikh

    Thanks a lot again.

    10.0 rating
  13. Syed nazib

    Excellent series

    10.0 rating
  14. Abdul salman Khan


    10.0 rating
  15. Mysar Farooq

    Mashallah like always best
    Thank you sister for the translation 🥰

    10.0 rating
  16. Muhammad Zaid

    Great translation. This time, bitrate is good, but resolution is 720p.

    9.0 rating
  17. Sayed javed

    Please put audio also in spanish and english

    10.0 rating
  18. Guest

    Bamsi Beyrek + Cerkutay= Comedy GOLD

    10.0 rating
  19. RAFIQUL Islam

    Great but give more link for play mobile

    10.0 rating
  20. Sameer Ashraf Zarif


    10.0 rating
  21. Salman

    Gud job plz go head thk u so much..

    10.0 rating
  22. Ahmad Sohail Haidari

    May Allah Almighty reward you well for your every effort. Indeed, the spirit of these uprisings gives us the principle of justice, equality and brotherhood in those societies.
    Satan has been able to lead humanity to the path of misery and misguidance through his continuous efforts, and it is a pure reality.
    At the same time, humanity is being used extensively as a tool to eradicate the human race. Great empires formed and disappeared, but their thoughts remained immortal in the heart of humanity.
    But this is not the end, because the wishes of the Messenger of Allah were not fulfilled, which the devil eliminated with the cooperation and collaboration of the human devils. I pray to Allah Almighty to hasten the emergence of true believing men once for all and to turn the tearful eyes of the Messenger of Allah into joy with the promise of victory and world peace under the rule of Islam. Aameen!

    10.0 rating
  23. ilir


    10.0 rating
  24. Muhammad Saadiq Ewing

    The writers should not show Osman (the leader) slapping Muslims in the face. The forbiddance of this act in Islam is WELL KNOWN. The dignity of a Muslim is inviolable. That is the act of a tyrant not a just leader. Be careful about this unnecessary and distasteful drama.

    9.0 rating
  25. Muhammed zakariya

    outstanding cant wait for ep 42

    10.0 rating
  26. Tasleem Arif

    Amazing….no words can describe the talent and attention to detail. May Allah swt bless everyone that has made it possible for the rest of the world to see and know the truth… Thank you

    10.0 rating
  27. Tauseef khan

    beutiful web site

    4.0 rating
  28. Mohamed kOSHIN


    10.0 rating
  29. Zeenat

    Excellent series.

    10.0 rating
  30. Khizra

    Love this

    10.0 rating
  31. Zeenat

    With due respect to Mustafa, who thinks the series is disgrace to Othman khalifa.
    I am waiting for you to make a new series on Osman empire .
    Put in some effort instead of criticising the efforts of others.
    I say hats off and respect to Mr Bozdag and the entire team who have brought the history of a Muslim empire, unknown to so many of us , in such a beautiful and entertaining manner.
    10 stars to all Osman team.
    Bravo , EveAllah.

    10.0 rating
  32. Zeenat

    You should add like button and number of views to each episode like you tube videos have.
    That way we will know how many viewed the episode , how many likes it got and how much popular this series is.
    Brilliant work.
    Thank you from Canada.

    10.0 rating
  33. Shazi

    I am SHAZI from india.
    I appreciate your whole team and their great efforts.
    I warmly request you to publish atleast 2 episode in a week.
    Thank you.
    Lots of love and warm wishes.

    10.0 rating
  34. Neelofer

    Amazing episode. Kudos to Mr Bozdag for the way he’s impeccably portraying a majestic multifaceted, legendary personality like Kara Osman.

    10.0 rating
  35. Sid

    Amazing show. I would have never thought it possible for Kurulus Osman to cross the perfection that was Dirilis but Kurulus Osman is already there (in just 1 and a half seasons!)
    Kudos to Mr. Bozdag & his vision.

    Thanks Kayi Family for the prompt subtitles

    A fan from US.

    10.0 rating
  36. Siddiq Ibrahim

    Unlike Ertugrul series, Usman is not that much appealing . they are unnecessarily pulling the plot and story. Cast also decreased as compare to Ertugrul, few people few soldiers and few tents. Ahmed alp is missing as well.
    Only the first episode was awsome ,from which we thought that it will be a master piece. But disappointed.

    4.0 rating
  37. Kashif

    When episode 42 will be published here

    9.0 rating
  38. Rene gonzalez

    I love this series thanks to the


    10.0 rating
  39. İbrahim tumandar

    Best drama series ever.

    10.0 rating
  40. Faadi

    Guktu has been intentionally exiled by Osman he’s definitely planed something

    10.0 rating
  41. Dr salim

    Why no 15/42 episode still ?

    10.0 rating
  42. Mohamad suzrin


    10.0 rating
  43. Hamid

    Great series.
    For all those wondering about Episode 42, apparently it’s being released on the 20th of January.
    Happy waiting lol!

    10.0 rating
  44. Mohd Raza


    10.0 rating
  45. Rana Muzamil

    Good work. Keep it up

    10.0 rating
  46. Zee

    Episode 42 is coming next week Inshallah

    10.0 rating
  47. Zee

    Everybody definitely needs to watch Uyanis on Kayi website. It is amazing

    10.0 rating
  48. Muddassir

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Best Series I have ever watch like this Series 😍
    Eagerly waiting for rest episodes 😍😍😍

    10.0 rating
  49. Hamzah

    The series will be on a short break this week but will return next week

    10.0 rating
  50. Irshad

    Good translation thnk yu so much for ur effrt am waiting for 15 episodes plz

    10.0 rating
  51. Asiyah

    I have to admit my hubby and I cried when Ertugrul died. 😢

    10.0 rating
  52. Saniya Khan

    When will you release eoside 42 ?

    10.0 rating
  53. Ibrahim Mustafaa

    Great series I will send emel something soon

    10.0 rating
  54. aqib diwan

    when episode -15 released ?

    10.0 rating
  55. Eli

    Hi, how many episode in season 2 of kurulus osman! We ‘ved just watch episode 41. Is there anymore episodes to watch in season 2? Thank you

    10.0 rating
  56. Mirrorofu

    Loving it! My sister not wish is that we could have an episode every week – once im us to date, im lost until the next instalment! I’ve already watched ertugrul in its entirety twice! This series is so exciting and the fact that god is never left out makes it an ideal family watch. I wonder how many of the cast were moved to not only identify as Muslim but also had their IMAAN increased?
    The world needs more valiants, more bamsies more Abdul Rahmans more gunduzes more selcans oyyyyy oyyy – ya Rabb – let this be your Ummah in these times we are facing in this Dunya 🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾

    10.0 rating
  57. Naveed

    Is there an episode after this, if yes please share

    10.0 rating
  58. Farid Shaikh

    Ertugrul Ghazi & Osman Ghazi series leaves behind all the Hollywood films and Drama. Please upload fast Osman Season 3 as soon as possible

    10.0 rating
  59. sayyid qasr bilfaqih


    Great series….. excellent translation…..

    10.0 rating
  60. Thant Naing Win

    How about next episode? No new episode?

    10.0 rating
  61. Thant Naing Win

    When will you release next episode? I am waiting for it.

    10.0 rating
  62. Tuy’ab Hussain

    I’m missing my hero Osman so much I want to cry but, I do cry when I’m watching my Osman but, it’s a different cry when I can’t watch it. It hurts
    When is the next episode coming out??
    May Allah ta’ala give your beautiful team Jannat Ameen
    Honestly because of your beautiful efforts , the UMMAH is coming back
    Allah ta’ala has given your team a test in’sha’allah you will pass this test and my prayers are with you
    I love you all I’m from England the snakes nest As’tagh’fir’ulla i have to live amongst da’jaal army and it’s hard here to follow Islam we try then we fall over and over. Now again may Allah ta’ala give you Jannat Ameen because of your beautiful efforts our Imaan is becoming stronger now we have real knowledge of Islam with love to better our selves first the our loved ones then friends then non Muslim.
    Do you understand now what you have done to the Muslims hearts? Your filling it with love Hazoor Paak sal’lalla ho Al’lay’hi Wa’sallim love Which is power that no one can take from us
    Thank you so much
    I cried so much texting all this
    I love you

    10.0 rating
  63. Ubeidshaikh

    Beautiful and awesome translation..proud of u ..

    10.0 rating
  64. Wan


    10.0 rating
  65. Hater of bala

    Mota bala she so dumb

    10.0 rating
  66. WaleeD

    InshaAllah otooman empire will rise again

    10.0 rating
  67. Syed Baseer Ajmal

    Amazing episodes and great work

    10.0 rating
  68. Fatima Ali

    It’s good but sometimes does not play I don’t know maybe website issue or my oh well it’s awesome

    6.0 rating
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