You Witness Too - 7 - Face to Face

26 Minutes
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  1. Maggie Brown

    This is where I fell in love with Altan. In a proper Muslim way. His concern for nature and the need to protect vulnerable species, his respect for the people of the region and his concern for their water situation has grabbed my heart. He is a world class actor and an eminently decent person. In the series I was impressed by the photography obviously done by others and by Altan’s dogged pursuit of his goal. In spite of the safari being top class, it required a great deal of physical and mental effort on the part of everyone. Kudos to Patrick, to Altan for sharing his journey with us, and to the crew who made it all possible.

    10.0 rating
  2. filmon

    eritugul beym mashalla love this documentary may allah help u on this project to provide water for those awesome ppl

    10.0 rating
  3. Judith McGinnis

    Altan conveys in a precious way his love of each and every atom of nature; how in tune with nature he is. He has increased my love of and appreciation of nature 100 fold. He did Kay’s that harmonica well also😍

    10.0 rating

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