Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 5 in English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 5 in English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 5 in English Subtitles That’s enough for you. But if you do something like that again. So he has to pay revenge. But I will never forgive him. I will do my best to take this traitor. Who will give it to, and what will he give؟ I will put my eyes in your eyes and kill you, Shaheen!

Your sister’s blood will not be left on the ground

I will clean up my father and sister’s blood. These infidels you have resorted to will not be able to save. I will dip you in your blood. Which burns inside me for years to find, has knocked on many doors. The answer to your question. And I don’t have the cure for your anxiety. This jurist is enough to show the way you were

looking for So you explain my dream

I met my love which was burned by the oppressors in the fire. He said: She had become a Muslim before she burned. He was burned because he was a Muslim. She was saying, I have to find the light to get her back.

In which my friends will help me

Then felt for the first time, the emptiness in my heart was filled. Are you the friend who got the hint؟ You’ve found the peace you’re looking for in your heart, son! God who extended the earth and the throne with his vast mercy. Sometimes he ignites the seeds of fire in man.

So that he may turn to Allah There are

many types of fires. Of course, the apparent fire can be extinguished. Only Allah can play the fire of the heart. The tears you shed with your eyes. This is a sign, a fire has erupted inside you, son! As far as your question is concerned, son! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We are just the source of the path you are looking for.

What you understand in my goodness and kindness

is your personal act. While you say that the reason is your belief. The healing of my soul is your faith. I want to be a Muslim. You created Islam in your heart, son! Now it’s time to show your language. After all, you have us alive and well. Maybe Khadr won’t like me anymore. Maybe the face turned away from me because it was bad

 Khazar is one of the brave who looks hearty

not eyes. I recognize flowers and herbs, not as much as you. But when my made ointment will hit your face. These stains will disappear, don’t be sad. We are ashamed of you in the case of King Sanam. You warned us that he was a traitor. But we did not have ears. You may not forgive us. We have got rid of a traitor. Khazar has gone after another traitor.

They will come back alive these Gods

Eventually the rise has reached the island. And Khazar will solve the problem of the Shaahaz. Start wedding preparations, what do you think؟ If you didn’t come, I would attack Modon. Was Shahbaz there؟ He obeyed and swore allegiance to the Venetians. – That’s why they didn’t return it. – Why didn’t you fall into the fort at their heads. We pulled the swords. Attacked them and shed blood

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