Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 29 In English Subtitles He seems to have taken horses and chased Done Diego. He shouldn’t have left Jejal. Done Diego seems to have set the trap to put him behind him. Elias is likely to be caught in the trap. Immediately; gather all the soldiers. We will go to Elias. Which is your command, the noble. The bullets stopped.

Come out and talk to the swords

How long will you hide behind the tree؟ Don’t you want to take revenge on me؟ Don’t hide there like cowards. Come and take revenge on me if you are brave. Won’t Jejal be protected by what your brothers have entrusted to you؟ Is this your bravery؟ Come on, protect. Won’t your women take revenge؟ Do you embrace the melody of bravery. Hidden like cowardly birds؟ I’m not afraid of you, Dad Dego! You have laid the net. If I’m alone. Mager will stand in front of you. There is a very fine line between stupidity and bravery. And you crossed this line long ago.

That’s the difference between us

Every mistake has a value. And the price of your stupidity is death. That’s exactly what the principle applies to you, Asma! I will take revenge on my brothers. Jejal will not leave for you. Will pay the price through death, Devon Diego This principle also applies to you, Rosa. Now we can get jiggle. When you come to my life. I got the colors of the world in my eyes. When we come to our mansion. That mansion became more than home for me. Became a shelter. It was all thanks to you. I grew up on the streets, Ilysis. You have become my family and your house has become my abode. Everything is incomplete without you. You did what I lacked.

I want you to never leave with me

Accepted long ago Did you accept me؟ Was he on the ship of Amiralabar؟ Done Diego was not with us. In Jigel, what does that mean؟ We were about to attack from the sea and they were from Khushki. We wanted to reach Jejal and attack on both sides. Whatever they want, they can’t get jiggle, you don’t have a nobleman! Because we have stopped them at sea. But you can’t guess what Done Diego will do؟

He can kill your brother Elias I feel weird

Yarley Turn the ships taken from Rhodes fighters back. We will go to Jejal as soon as possible. Which is your order, good nobles Don’t bother yourself. You will take you to the doctor. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I can’t get up now. What does that mean, Elias؟ What does that mean I can’t get up؟ You have been healed of such a wound before. Will go through it too.

You will not leave your Agha

They killed Asma in front of my eyes, Agha This wound will never be filled. They also killed my love, lion. Did I give up؟ Don’t give up too. You and Khazar Agha, forgive your rights. No Elias, don’t apologize. It’s not time for that, lion.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Don’t leave your brothers like that. Don’t cry for me, Aga. I saw you become the Sultan of the seas. Wounded for you and for Khazar Agha. And now take your last breath in your hands. We landed in the sea with you, my lion! What I did for you

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