Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 26 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 26 In English Subtitles

.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 26 In English Subtitles That man can’t wait inside the plane, he must have taken refuge somewhere. There are many islands in this sea where Spanish pirates live. Will he be in one of them؟ But in whom؟ We have to find it first and then move on. All our spies should quickly spread to the Spanish islands. You go to Jejal, my lion. Protect there.

Take Murad and Yarley with you

As soon as the news comes from the spies, we will attack on both sides. Now no one left except us, my lion. We have to take revenge on Elias. Take revenge on your father, mother and your family. We have to blow the head of the Devon Diego. You swear, they will all take revenge. News from spies, Khazar Raees. He has taken refuge on the island of Nazil Dun Diego Chattani. And we know the location of this island. There is an island nearby. She was a cantonment for Spanish soldiers in the past. But now there is a dangerous place full of Spanish pirates. It will not be easy for us to get Done Diego out of there. Even if the chir were a piece of hell, Done Diego would not have escaped my hand.

Raise the news to Aga we will move towards Chattani Island

The news from the islands has come. I have to move right away to hit the heights. Everywhere there are Barberosa spies. We have to be careful. I have told the pirates, they will build the ship. All my soldiers can take it. I can come to the eye of anyone with so many soldiers, I will solve this issue with Spanish pirates. You and your soldiers wait here. I hope, win and come back, Devon Diego. This is important to all of us, as you know. The rise will not escape the trap I have saved.

Will cut off his head

The news has been received from Khazar Rais, Raees. Done Diego is on the island of Chattani. Khazar Raees are moving towards this. Ask the soldiers to build the ship immediately. Chattani will attack the island. Which, of course, made your video an overnight sensation. – No, leave us alone – I told you to be quiet. There is a little closer to here, according to what the spies told us, only a few steps remain. Rhodes fighters are coming in and out of this place.

They will be attacked and Done will kill Dego

The rise will have come on the way. If they wait, they will get out of their hands. The rise of Agha will come anyway. My Sultan, my Sultan, the Spaniards have attacked us. They have to be stopped quickly. Attacked by both the East and the West, the people are in the state of Abatar. If you don’t catch them, they will kill everyone. We have to go to the rocky island immediately, Raees. There is no hope of the people except you, my Sultan. Khadr has already been to catch Done Diego.

I can’t go there, people are waiting for our help

We will first stop the Spanish invasion and then go to the island of Chattani. You take the soldiers and surround the Spanish ships, so they can’t survive. I will go to Talmasan City with the rest of the soldiers. How will they find the room where the Devon is Dego؟ If necessary, all rooms will be reviewed, Shabash. Run out of the sea like a coward

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