Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles His grandfather, the winner, used to put them in his lap, loved. Look and sit in the eyes. This boy will be brave like me. And then became a great man like his grandfather. Numerous areas will conquer.

The empire and the Islamic world will have great benefits

Well, what will we have, whether we will benefit or not؟ Will be busy now. Will be stuck in many tasks. We must first deal with the issue of islands. Then what will be good, it will appear. Frances was my close man. Sent the body by saying handing over. Trying to scare. Without drowning them all in the blood, I will not come to China. I went to Asia for not handing over.

I will do everything now

The Barbarossi family will be wiped out together. Talk to those powerful friends, anyone who is, and talk to them. Arrive here before the attack on the island of the rise. Then we will teach them to attack. I want the heights and the heads of the eye. Salem will be afraid to lose the islands. We have an idea of our success. Then I don’t understand the reason to save Done Diego. Done Diego must have guaranteed it. Otherwise he knows he can’t compete with our soldiers.

Soldiers are rarely left to him

The Spanish king will have to ask for help. And they will help Salem. No help can be found from the king. Of course behind another power. The great life of Done Diego is recognized in the Mediterranean. Whoever joins him will not be a common man. Anyone who helped Devon Diego. He will protect the islands and attack us. We have to find out this power. I send a spy. Done Diego, when, where and who to meet. Whatever the power is, the power will go away.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles

We should prepare for an attack on the islands

First find out this power. Then prepare for the attack. Otherwise, Jigel will get out of hand in preparation for the attack on the islands. Welcome to Done Diego. At first, Rhodes did not let the fighters stray even near him. Now have come on your own. What brought me here is not important to me alone. Your lily is also important, rich. They are greeting me, including guards. Look at Elias, he’s standing on the stairs. And Isabel, all our loved ones are there. Your sword is a trust to me. There is a sign of your revenge. He will not take him out of the grave before taking revenge, Aga.

Before killing the enemies you kill

If you come to your grave. Or come to your front. So blame me for that. So you came back from Baghdad؟ Come back, thank God. It is a great thing to be like the rise noble. It is very difficult to fill their space. But thank God for leaving someone like you after him. These shouts will fill in tomorrow. My half heart is under the soil, Perry. If I don’t kill this Devon Diego, I’ll be incomplete. Even if your Agha is dead. You will fulfill their purpose. You become the most famous brave in these seas.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles

The names of the Turks will spread to the seven seas

Yao Sultan Saleem Khan has sent you his special greetings. What did the great Sultan say؟ The courage you have shown for the sake of religion and the state. And the efforts that have been made are commendable. Khazar Raees, is the victory of religion. And ( Kharuddin ) Good for religion, said Yoz Sultan Saleem Khan. When he said this, your title added another name.

Khairuddin’s title will also be subject to languages

Be safe, honor Sultan Saleem. Yao Sultan Saleem Khan is an expert in making jewelry. They made this ring with their hands and sent you as a gift. What does the Sultan mean by what he wrote on this ring؟ The ring is the seal of Solomon. As you know, Solomon also had access to the winds. And they were also rulers at the same time. Yuz Sultan Saleem Khan has said:.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 23 In English Subtitles

The sea and the winds are good friends of Khazar Khuddin. And he should rule the seven seas. In this case, they have given this ring in gift. May Allah enable us to do that, Amen. You inherited the title of Barbarossa from your Agha. And Yuz Sultan Saleem Khan has given you the title of Khuruddin. Like your name. Now it’s your time, well, well-in-barrosa

Barbarossa Season 1

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