Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In English Subtitles What happened to Done Dego ؟ He must be hidden in the islands. Now we know where he is. And also how to get. The cursed Barbarossa brothers. My brother killed Petro. Well when Khazar was surrounded. Forced to retreat. And Fras, where is he؟ “No: They have killed my brother. There has been no reason to come without revenge.

And you are asking me your close man

If he catches it, he will have a mouth. Blasts on ships, alliances with you, everything will be known. Let’s go if it turns out. Why did I save؟ Are you together in the war against them, aren’t they؟ Now we can fight together. The rise will immediately attack, what will happen to unite now؟ You have a few men left. Time should have been achieved. Mager, he got out of hand too.

I have less men than I want

No matter why there is only one man. I will increase the number by doing something. No one else can weaken me in any way. With the brother’s revenge. I will get back to Jejal. All these barberous brothers will be snatched away. As soon as the hands of Ain Dao Diego came, Salem’s men attacked. His servant is proof of this

That is, Salem was met with Done Diego from the beginning

The same was the one who killed the oppressed on my plane, yes؟ We have nothing to do with. Answer the question of the noble Sultan. When the ship was not delivered. The rich Hazrat ordered the destruction of the ship. Salem Tomi’s enmity has become clear. At the same time, he has given with Done Diego. That is, both will attack together. We have to move before them. We must move immediately by preparing, Raees Aga. The important one for us is Done Diego.

Get the first slam to get the Devon Diego

So he will lose his head as well as the islands. Cut off his head and send him to his owner, noble؟ Salem Tomi will ask us for his man. I go to the islands and talk to him. Responded to our will. Will get your man. I ship around. It will be clear how Done Diego will attack. According to him, they will move. Be careful the soldiers. If Salem did not give the day. Couldn’t send the king’s head to the heights. And now Jejal also went by hand. The king will kill you now. Now be aware of the power of Done Diego, Salem Tomi. There are friends everywhere in the Mediterranean.You will have a conversation to get.

Those people make you weak

Would like to fulfill your will. Magger comes from our powerful friends. Will also save the islands. And Jejal will get it again. Go and give them a proper answer. Tell me: What power they stand against. Why has the rise sent. What do you want from me؟ You saved him from the hands of Khazar. Or we will come to the islands. Mager is not a talk.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 21 In English Subtitles

The war has begun long ago. If he sat comfortably. So I wouldn’t unite with Devon Diego. You drowned our ship, including the oppressed. That’s enough to take your head off. But if Done handed over Diego and apologized. The rise will leave the nobleman alive. You are not apologizing to people

Barbarossa Season 1

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