Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 16 in English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 16 in English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 16 in English Subtitles What does that mean, the great Duke؟ Why have I been called as an accused. The rise has begun preparing for the war. He is coming out for Modon tomorrow. You didn’t say we would attack them and eliminate them before they attacked us؟ You trusted the man of Christ Pasha.

But no news came and they are preparing

to surround us. You didn’t keep your promise, Shahbaz. Who said I did not fulfill my promise؟ I planned to attack the Calmies long ago. Prepare all the bloody pirates. We will end them in the Calmies before heading to Modon. The rise has increased security measures everywhere in Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 16 in English Subtitles

the Calmie How do you enter Kalmiz

with so many people؟ I will not enter. Elias will enter. Elias will separate from his brothers and buy a new ship. Christ Pasha’s assistant will do the necessary work. And that’s how I’ll make my game. Elias will take our men to Kalmiz on his plane. And then there will be resurrection in the Calmies.

The rise and the death of Khazar will be

at the hands of Elias. In the meantime, we will build our fleet and soldiers. When the mahibas will be in the kalmiz with pirates. They want to take Modon but will also lose the Kelmiz. You will avenge the island of Lita. I bought a ship for myself. Your seal is needed to anchor at the port of Calmies,

Agha That is, you have bought a ship

. Did Pasha ask for help to buy؟ If you had asked me for help, Elias. I would make you the owner of the ship. How can I ask you for help after all these events between us, Agha؟ Am I superior to Pasha who asked him for help instead of me. He has nothing to do with good or evil, Agha.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 16 in English Subtitles

If you seal I will be able to raise my family’s stomach

Greed, covers someone’s eyes, Elias. Makes someone in mistakes. Come and give up this desire. Will reduce your livelihood with your ship and soldier. Instead of becoming a soldier on other people’s ships, they will become nobles themselves. Tomorrow we will be under the siege of Modon. What will Shahbaz and Gabriel do, it was not known؟ I’m afraid they’ll hurt you. I will try to make bread from my ship. They can’t do what can harm.

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