Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 14 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 14 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 14 In English SubtitlesWe didn’t see any of his mistakes, why should he be a traitor to us now? You will receive Mustafa and Turgut Bey. When it comes to you, Cerkutay Barkın and Hüsamettin’s You will go after him, but do not even keep your eyes on him. Now he will go to the funeral, if he is a traitor, he will definitely send news. You are not included, they are hypocrites. They are deceiving not only you, but all of us. Don’t bother, But now let’s go to the Cypress lady to do our last duty

Let’s both Tekfur and Romanos keep the job tight Day by day,

the number of soldiers is increasing Today I learned that medical women and nuns will come from Iznik too They will take it, healers and nuns, you say, pastor master This is a very important information . Sir Thesis Romano You’ll get there. You will do things Barkın bey and iti It’s not the pocket tide that took you from me Selvi is the Kayı Obası who took you from me I will kill them all Osman Kayılar I will kill even that incompetent Romanos I will not put your blood on the ground My Selvi I have a word to you My word to you

I will kill Osman, his women and his children,

I promise you Selvi I will kill them all My lamb Parents and father My aunt Selvi will not come again Oh my angel daughter May my Pusatim be beaten quickly my father I will avenge my Aunt Selvi Bring it, my lamb, my lamb, give it to me, I’ll check it out first, Beautiful Son Mashallah, it’s just as I wanted it. You made a mark, then you will give it to your brother Alaattin, we beat you up, my sister is yours God bless your brother , it suits your hand well Come on, let’s kiss your brother’s hand My beautiful daughter,

be careful, make sure that you only attract the enemy and

do not harm anything before the training. You kept your word, my father, But you and keep your word, my beautiful daughter, you will be a good sister to your sister. Don’t be jealous . Come on, come and see my Orhan, my Malhun, Osman Bey, on earth and in the sky, the great Tengri is my witness, I swear to you, I regret my only concern was gold Won’t you see my condition I beg you in the presence of the great Tengri I wish for you to forgive me, Mr. Osman, the hungry man doesn’t look at who you’re working for.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 14 In English Subtitles

You stand here like a dog But every time he opens his mouth,

dirt comes out of his mouth. When the tail of the dog is stuck in the trap, then his barking roars So you’re stuck in this cage too. But can I tell you something? Your words have no meaning whatsoever. How you once brought a Mongolian to your Alps, how you are like a Turk next to you. I heard him fighting a lot, Osman Bey, believe me, just as you trusted him and took him with you. So don’t expect any mercy from me. I did not kill your son. we said, Mr. Ali, welcome in the best way We hope that you will welcome us in the same way, Mr. Ali, your son has been rude, and again,

my Bey Aktemur has shown his place. He will be there, my Bey, Osman, he will do justice, whatever it is, I was beginning to think that the Kayıs did not take a grain of their ancestors. Episode 8

Barbarossa Season 1

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