Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 12 in English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 12 in English Subtitles

am I a child؟ Until healing, you will take care of yourself. The rocks were a little far away, quickly. What did it do to you? They, Mary؟ From now on, no one can save you from my hands. When attacked, Mary will die in front of your eyes. I trusted you, Shah Sanam.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 12 in English Subtitles

Open your chest for your apology

. How can you betray this in front of me؟ How can this devil be adopted؟ It was a war between us and you, brother. I played war, according to the rules. In fact, you have adopted the line of enemies when you should have been with us.

. The man you are speaking to my brother.

This is not the man you are speaking my brother؟ Killed my father, to Baba. All that Brother John did is correct. If our Baba had to die, he should have killed them. How did you get into this situation؟ How can you become so devilish؟ Is there nothing in your name of conscience؟ Is there nothing in your name of conscience؟ So much is the evidence

. Women should leave from among.

You hand Mary over to us. We will not touch King Sanam. Whatever our calculations are, they take each other. I kidnapped Mary to tie your hands. That’s why, take your swords down and get out of here. King Sanam! Don’t, don’t. Don’t sister! Sacrifice you, don’t. Look, I’m your brother. Still have mercy on you inside me. Repent and apologize and come to us

. Come on dear sister! Come on,

let’s give me your hand. Mager is not mercy on anyone inside me, brother. I have been in my row for a long time. The Shahbaz brothers will say what they say. This is my last warning. Throw away the weapon and leave here.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 12 in English Subtitles

Don’t leave this traitor. Don’t worry

about my life. You want that yourself. How can you abuse our sister؟ How can I abuse the cooling of my eyes؟ I will finish you. Where did these bastards get out of؟ Spahio! Catch the Shahbaz. I was torn to pieces by looking at you in this condition.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 12 in English Subtitles

Mager will pass this time, pass, this wound will heal. That’s what we saved you.. He caused the death of my traitor. My hands are colored with the blood of the sister, will he take revenge too؟ You’re in a lot of trouble, Shaheen! Even if King Sanam has damaged us.

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