Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles

Some necessary tasks will have to be done. Why do I have to live in this world in the world in which you were burned to ashes؟ These people burned me because I was a Muslim. When I found out to be a Muslim, they accused me of being in trouble.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles

 Migram believe me I’m not once

, I’m burned a thousand times, there’s no pain. These people ran my body. My soul was happy. You have been burning yourself in the fire for years. Now go and blow up this fire that makes your life hell. Your friends will help you with it. I will always be happy if you stay with your friends.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles

 And always wait for you Antivan

It’s not time to die. Destiny has not yet heard his decision. No death can be done without the permission of the mercy of the first person. Now relax my son. It’s been a big time to talk. Antivan has come to his senses, he has opened his eyes. Let’s go and meet Antivan first. Khazar finds you once.

Will not escape it Khazar

will not be able to survive the island. That’s why, hug his body. Our people ambushed؟ After the death of Khazar in these ambush. We will repair the ship and go to Modon. Coming to the victim, you will fall prey on your own. The marks are pointing north of the island. Will definitely wait in the ambush

 Wait here with the soldiers if you want

, Shaheen. Don’t go too much with this wound. Baba’s blood is on the hand of this traitor. Baba will not give up his revenge, Bashar. T. Apparently they retreated in ambush.Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 10 In English Subtitles

Follow and catch the skin let’s go

. T I had some loved ones I wanted to meet in the end. I saw my world friends left if I needed me. For my sake, throw yourself in front of the bullet. Can you go before taking into account it together؟

You also stopped meeting your loved ones

to save my life, got brown؟ You realize our every difficulty, God willing to you. All definitions belong to the person who made us realize. Hold on my arms. If they drink, your wound will be healed immediately. Big man! I can do it myself

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