Kuruluş Osman: A Phenomenal Turkish TV Series The Most Watched Episode 132

Turkish television has been buzzing with excitement, thanks to the phenomenal success of “Kuruluş Osman.” This historical drama series, airing on ATV, has captured the hearts of viewers across the nation and beyond. With its gripping storyline and stellar performances, “Kuruluş Osman” has become a true television phenomenon.

Last night, during the rerun of the 132nd episode, “Kuruluş Osman” once again demonstrated its unparalleled popularity. In the “All People” category, the show achieved an impressive 5.40% rating and a substantial viewership share of 13.97%. It’s no surprise that the series has consistently held the top position in this category, drawing viewers from all walks of life.

What sets “Kuruluş Osman” apart is its ability to resonate with a wide audience. The show’s historical context and intriguing plotlines make it a must-watch for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The series has successfully managed to transport viewers back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, offering a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of the era.

But the success doesn’t stop there. In the AB Social Status 20 category, “Kuruluş Osman” achieved a 3.64% viewership rate and a 10.96% viewership share. Furthermore, it dominated the +ABC1 category, becoming the most-watched series with a remarkable 5.09% viewership rate and an impressive 12.84% viewership share.

A Gripping Storyline

At the heart of “Kuruluş Osman” lies its captivating storyline. Set in the historical context of the Ottoman Empire, the show takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the struggles and triumphs of the era. This historical backdrop, rich in detail and drama, has managed to capture the imagination of a broad audience.

Record-Breaking Ratings

During the rerun of the 132nd episode, “Kuruluş Osman” demonstrated its unwavering popularity. In the “All People” category, it achieved an impressive 5.40% rating and a substantial viewership share of 13.97%. This consistent top-ranking performance is a testament to the show’s ability to resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

What Lies Ahead

As the series unfolds, fans eagerly await each new episode, anticipating more thrilling twists and turns in the epic tale of Osman Bey and the founding of the Ottoman Empire. “Kuruluş Osman” is not just a TV show; it’s an experience. Its influence and popularity are poised to endure for a long time to come.

In conclusion, “Kuruluş Osman” has become more than just a television series; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has united viewers from all backgrounds. Its captivating storyline, record-breaking ratings, and the dedication of its cast and crew have all contributed to its immense success. As the show continues to enthrall its audience, it’s clear that its impact on Turkish television will be felt for years to come.


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