Who Was The Horse Ram Valili?

Who Was The Horse Ram Valili?

Who Was The Horse Ram Valili?Hajj Bayam was alive from 1352 to 1430. His real name was Naman, -ul – Azha ( Turki called Quran Barami) He converted it after meeting his spiritual guide Somenzo father.

Hajj Biram was born in a small village in Ankara province and became a scholar of Islam. Shaykh Hamidood – Deen – changed his life after receiving the guidance of a wali in Tasuf, Qaiser, who was in fact the mentor of Shaykh Khuzala Aid – Deen Ali, one of Safia Taikar.
The basis of Ziarat and its order

1. Two Sufiyans

, Shaykh Hamid-Deen-E Wally (Somnojo father) and Hajj Bayam, living in Barsa city when they made Hajj (Makkah Yatra) together. Hameed – Deen – is the one who keeps on teaching the Wali Sufism on this holy journey. In 1412, Shaykh Hamidood – Deen died with his authority near Bayam Wali, who returned to Ankara under the name of a young Sheikh (leader).
He built a Sunnah lodge in Ankara where his grave and mosque are standing today. People live there and imagine. Must have known about the r. This exemplary became popular with the successful education of Biram.
Aksham Sadeen and Haji Biram

2. His idealism and popularity angered some local authorities.

He expressed his concern with the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, the Sultan Murad Hajj Baym’s Adiran (the capital of the Ottoman Empire at that time). The Sultan wanted to know about this ideal – rebellion, ideology and patriotism. Anatolia had many independent Turkish groups at this point, some of which had very little alliance.
Hes Byram visited another scholar, his Murd Akshamuddin (ak – Shamsuddin) (turk aka means pure white), to Adrian to meet the Sultan.

3. Murad soon realized that the allegations against Beam were merely rumored

and the Hajj was for a while in Beam and the Akshmasedine Adirin, and his speech was presented in the Sultan’s court. He had more personal consultations with the Sultan where he discussed the world, life and the future.
Specifically, the Sultan was concerned about the victory of the Byzantine capital, Constantine that the Islamic army was struggling for victory without success. Who asked Beiram directly in Sultan Hajj, “Who will conquer the city in the north?” He said: “Sultan, you can’t. But this child (Son of Sultan) will be able to do it.

4. Tomb of Biram Valley during Hajj

At the time of victory you will no longer be alive. But my student would be Akshmeddin. The child was the son of Sultan, the second future Mohammed, who conquered the city of Constantine in 1453 (later known as Istanbul) and would be given the title of Fatih (i.e. the Conqueror).

5. Who Was The Horse Ram Valili?

Haji Biram requested his student Axmedon to become the teacher of children’s Mohammed and Sultan Murad agreed. Haji Beyam made a few more tours of Adrian until he died in Ankara in 1430, and left his leadership in the hands of the Akshemsundians. His grave and the mosque associated with his name are still in Ankara.

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