Who Was Roman Davison?

Who Was Roman Davison?

Who Was Roman Davison? Roman Davison, also known as Romance, was a member of the Byzantine military elite, taken from the Byzantinian emperor after marrying widow Abdokia Macremolitesa. During his reign he was determined to prevent the Byzantine military annihilation and the invasion of the.

1. Their campaign against the Turks

Roman Davson IV was now the patron saint of the senior emperor and his stepfather and junior-Samrat, Michael VII, Constitutes and Andronix Ducas. However, their superiority-only opposed the Ducas family, especially Caesar, John Ducas, which led to opposition of the palace officials to the authority of the Roman Dioson, but the wrangling guard abducated?? Publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the marriage of Kalyan.
So Roman Diosen IV decided that he would only exercise his authority by leaving himself to the commander of the army in the field, resulting in the government focusing on the against Turk.
By 10106, the Turks were deliberately invading Mesopotamia, Meltin, Syria, Silicia and Cappadocia, resulting in the plunder of the Church of Caesarea and the Senate’s assets. Tulsi. This winter they camped on the border of the Kingdom and waited for next year.

2. Roman Diosen had confidence in Byzantine excellence in the battlefield,

and saw the Turks little more than the bandits who melted when they first faced them. He didn’t consider the condition of being under the Byzantine armies, which was ignored year after year by his predecessors, especially Constitine x Ducas.
Their armies, mostly Sclavonian, Armenian, Bulgarian and Franciscan fences, were disciplined, disorganized and unorganized, and they were never a weapon of the fearful Byzantine army, unwilling to spend time improving the coach or strategy Was. It soon turns out that Roman Davison deserved military skills. No plan came in place for that.

3. Battle of manjkart and captured by alpay arsalan

During conversations with Alp Arsalan at Manjkart, in early Spring 10 101, Roman Davison led a large army towards restoring the fort. It soon became clear that the Army had a serious disciplinary problem, the Army regularly looting the area around its night camp.
When Roman Diosen tried to impose some strict discipline, an entire regiment of German troops revolted, having to become the face of something to control the emperor.
Considering that Alp Arsalan is nowhere near Manjkart, he decided to share his army. He sent a part of the army to Akhlat, at that time Akhlat was occupied by Turks.

4. Roman Davison himself entered Manzcart with the core of the army,

which he soon restored. At the time its advanced guard met the Seljuk army, which were quickly approaching Manjakart. Roman Davson Abhlatt ordered the invading forces to join his army, but these parts of the army unexpectedly faced another large army of abandonment, forcing them to return to Mesopotamia,
Alp Arsalan had no desire to fight the Byzantine army, so he called Roman Diavzan?? Proposed peace deal with favorable conditions for.

5. The continued all day,

both sides found no decisive advantage, the emperor directed part of his army back to the camp. Roman Dawson took advantage of Ben-welcome for betraying him.
Claiming that Roman Davison died, he saw the entire set of 30,000 troops and fled the battle. The Turks then began to put pressure on the Byzantine army.

6. When Roman Davison realized what had happened

, he attempted to reclaim the situation with a protest position.  And caught it in Alp Arsalan.
According to numerous Byzantine historians including John Skeletes, Alp Arsalan could not have believed that Emperor Roman Dawson presented before him with some isolated and mercenary . Then he came down from his seat and stepped on Roman Davison neck.

7. Who Was Roman Davison?

After this mark of religious humiliation, however, Alp Arsalan picked Roman Davison up from the ground and ordered him to be treated like king. He has been treated extremely well since, the emperor has not uttered a cruel word to him during his eight-day position in his camp. He then released the emperor for a contract and fat ransom.

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