Who Was Aya Nicola?

Who Was Aya Nicola?

Who Was Aya Nicola?In this article, I’ll tell you about the full history of Ayya Aya Nama Nicola with reference. We can get Nicholas history from various historical sources but they are all Muslim historians.But the confusion here is that various historians are making so many claims about Aya Nicola.

1. Various Historical Contexts

Did Nicola Angel Tekfor make some historical claims?? Were.
But some say he was a Christian sunnah. This is why so many churches and cities in Turkey are named after him and many of its miracles are mentioned in the Christian Book.
In the EST book written by the famous Byzantine historian of the time George Pacheris, was Nicola R. briefly known in history as he was the Tekphor of the Gospel?? Were. Only Muslim historians have mentioned in detail in their writings. The biggest reason for this is that historians call the Usman Ghazi era “a historic black hole”. And this is because Usman Ghazi and the first date of the rise of the Ottoman Empire was written a hundred years after Usman’s death.

2. The question is, who was Nicola and what was his relation to Usman Ghazi?

We can find this answer in the book Skpasad ” Usman”, which acknowledges authentic reference to the history of the Ottoman Empire.
Skpasad did his book ?? I just mentioned a project called “Jack’s Pinnacle”.
In history, Usman was planned and the main planner of that plan was, Anjul Tekfar aya Nicola. Let’s know this incident correctly as if I understand the history of Ayah Nicola.
It was during the 1260s, when the Kadar group lived under the protection of Ertogul Ghazi in the summer of Dominique and in the winter of Sogo. In this 1261, when Usman Gazi Qadir became the leader of the group. Earlier, Ertgrul Gazi had established good relations with neighbor Tekfor.
Neighbor Tekfar Usman maintained his good intentions during Ghazi, who became leader of Qaiser after Ertgrul

3. Ghazi’s death.

At that time, Usman had friendly relations with Byzantine neighbors.
In fact, some group didn’t care about losing their lives and belongings to neighboring Tekfar when he moved between Dominic and Saugat, meaning the villager would believe that nearby  them Didn’t do it. The way Corrolus is shown in the first season of the Usman series. ,
It was not possible for them to maintain this good relationship.
Sudden arrival of new tekfour.
Anjul has cut off the new Tekfor Road and started doing damage to abandoned goods and animals.
He met with other taxforests, and invited them for his dishonest will and enmity against Usman Ghazi, and intending to capture Dominic and Saugat.

4. Angel Tekfour merges with other Byzantine tekforis to form the “United Byzantine Army”.

The period of Usman Bay was located at a highly strategic and dangerous place, the map of that time was located north of Bulgi, Ke, Inher and Lesnik, East of Hermankaya and Karjaisa, Angol, Castille, Barta.
Usman Nia Nikola faced the Byzantine army in 1284 when Usman Nia reunited with Nicola, who also began his campaign. There were only 60 fighters with Usman in this and it is true that the Byzantine army was much bigger than them.

5. Usman was defeated in this battle and the son of his niece Savvi Bay,

who was part of Usman Ghazi’s army, was martyred. This  is called the Armani-Bali or the Battle of Armenia.
This history, I’m going to narrate here from a source taken from the Atlas of Sami bin Abdullah al-Magheet. He avenged his defeat in 1275 when Usman Ghazi travelled to the 300 Alps in Kuluzhaisar, 12 kilometers from Anjul.

6. Usman Gazi Castle at night and won it.

Ay Nicolas was enraged by the victory, and the Turkish Muslims could not afford the occupation of this Roman fort. Aya Nicola allied herself with tekfar of karjahsar and both promised genocide to take back their land from muslims.
But when the  broke out, Usman defeated Byzantines with his small army and conquered Karjahesar.
It’s called the battle of Karjahasar and here Usman faces Nini Nikola for the second time.
Then Aya conspired Nicola castle Usman, whom I mentioned earlier. But harmonicare Tekfar Kos Mehal, who secretly hugged Usman and was Usman’s friend, leaked his plan.
In this scene, Yarshir Tekfoor and Balzak Tekfar invited Usman to marry their children. Their aim was to arrest Usman and him when he came here for the wedding. After hearing this, Usman made a plan. She sent forty Alps to the women’s clothing castle.

7. Approaching these ,

they captured all the people and conquered the fortress. It is noteworthy that she was the daughter of tekfar or tekfar of the palace of yarhisa, whose name is hula fera?? Yes. Later this girl changed her name to Usman and put it in the hands of Nelfer. Usman chose him as his wife’s companion and married his child Orhan, after which they had a son named Murad.
Anjul tried to suspend Tekfar after winning both Usman Karjehsar and Klozahees, fighting former Tekfar of one-stage Karjehsar.

8. Who Was Aya Nicola?

Usman Bejantine sends an army to command the Turgut Alps for the final defeat. He then joined the army and conquered the city. Usman is said to have given the city to Turgit and was appointed as his first Muslim governor after Turgit. There is no mention of how Nicola died in history, so we certainly can’t say anything about it.

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