Who Is Terken Hatun – The Actual History Of Terken Hatun

Who Is Terken Hatun – The Actual History Of Terken Hatun

Who Is Terken Hatun – The Actual History Of Terken Hatun.The name of a hypocrite woman also known as Celia Hatton. Its title is “takken” which means Ruling Authority.Although his religion was Muslim, he was very good at conspiring in palaces. He also had good experience in politics.

1. When the Seljuk Empire was the most powerful state in the world,

a woman dared to seize power. Behind the scenes, he sent armies from one end of Asia to the other, writing letters to wise men, judges, governors, letters to the caliphate, and Elchi to the head of death.
A small example of what this disgusting woman actually looked like is presented in the Turkish series “Yuvanis Beuk Seljuklu”. People now wanna know that Terquin Heaton was such a tough woman at all?
I couldn’t find his name anywhere in the 10 Seljuk and Ottoman Empire books I have. However, Google just took me back to the history of Tercon Hatton. (Admin)

2. Tarkin Haton, daughter of Tamgach Khan Ibrahim.

His father was the ruler of a region.
In 1075, at the age of 12, she married Malik-Shah, the son of Sultan Alp Arsalan.
Tarken Hatton Chan was a mother of three children, three sons and a daughter.
1 – Dawood
2 – Abu Shoga
3 – Meh – Malek
4 – Mahmoud.
David, the firstborn son of Turkin Haton, was a very beloved child of his father, but he died suddenly in 1082.
Next baby Abu Shoja, Sultan Mailk – He was desperate to be the heir of the Shah. (According to Wikipedia, Tarken Hatton has successfully achieved his victory)
But alas! Abu Shoja died when he was only six years old.

3. Tarken Haton once again gives birth to a son, named Mahmood.

Even with this little tender-hearted child, Terken Hatton sets out a plot trap again.
Meanwhile, at the request of Nazamul Malik, Sultan Malik <TAG1> Shah announced his successor Zubaida Haton’s son Barkyarok.
That’s why Tarken Haton Nezmol became a rival of the country.
Follow Tajul Malik on this long journey. Read more about Tajul Malik on this link.
I secretly formed a huge army of A – Duj. I learned from a Turkish source that the number is 12 thousand.
Hassan used to join hands with Sabah and plot one after another.
In the middle of Erie, Tarkin marries Haton’s daughter, Meh-Malik Haton, Baghdad’s caliph al-Muktadeer. Thus, it was unlikely to affect Baghdad.

4. After the deaths of Sultan Malik

Shah and Nizamul Malik, respectively, he inherited Musnad. With the death of Mailk-Shah, one of the world’s most powerful empire engulfed in internal conflict. The uprising has begun.
However, the Tercon Hatton didn’t stop. His son Mahmood, I have to sit on the throne. In view of this heinous act of Tarkin Haton, Imam Ghazali issued a fatwa to disqualify his son for the throne because he was not old enough. Further, the announcement of Malik-Shah.

5.Who Is Terken Hatun – The Actual History Of Terken Hatun


Tarkan Haton and Tajul Malik went to Baghdad. Caliph declared his son Sultan and gave a sermon on the way of Muktadar.This is how Isfahan returned, Tarkin Hatun led the  with the help of Caliph Muktadar, Barkyarok was later arrested and imprisoned, and his son Mahmood the first was kept in Masnad.

A month later he died suddenly in 1094, his son Mahmood also died.

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