Who Is Haji Ahmad Yasvi?

Who Is Haji Ahmad Yasvi?

Who Is Haji Ahmad Yasvi?Recently, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Turkish state TV channel TRT has presented a new series called ‘Mera’.Note that this series is based on the deeds of four Sufi Sunnahs. His main character is Haji Ahmad Yashivi, who came as a mercy for the Muslim Ummah of that time.

1. Haji Ahmad Yashii was born

in present-day Kazakhstan in a place called Serum, seven kilometers away from Ikkant. His date of birth is unknown. He died in 118 in Yashi, Turkey. The word YES means “coming from YES”. Saram and Yishi, located east of Bukhara city and Sehwan, where Haji Ahmad Yishi was alive, were brought to the forefront of Islam long before he was born.
Most of the residents of these cities were with Turkish Islamic identity. However, even at that time a large part of Turkey has not converted to Islam. Muslim and non-Muslim Turks were in constant  and there was no unity between them. Haji Ahmed Yashii was born in this situation.
Ahmed Yasawi’s father was one of the most famous personalities and traditionalists of Siam, Ayah Ibrahim. She was sanctified as a miraculous sign and was a descendant of the family of the fourth caliphate of Hazrat Ali.

2. Later Ahmed lost his mother and father

in childhood and moved to Yishi city with his elder sister. He studied there famous theosphers like Arsalan Baba and Bahadur Spesab.
He was a disciple of Arsalan’s father and served him for 16 years. Haji Ahmad Yashivi Bukhara passed away when his Sheikh died, he was 23 years old, and became a disciple of Youssef al-Hamadani. He became his caliph at the age of 30.
Five years later he returned to Yasir with the permission of his Sheikh, and through his teaching activities he became the valley of Capchak, Oguz and Karluk Turk, and thus he was the founder of Turkic Sufism.
He taught many caliphate. Ahmed Yasawir’s Haseignia (Turkish word) order was later administered by Yousuf al-Hamani and Abdul Halik-Gakdbani. Who was later led by the brave Nikabendi.
That is, he obeyed the orders of three people.

3. He played an important role in spreading Islam

among the Turks and thus played a significant role in establishing unity among the Turks. He spent his last year in the Hermitage.
Ahmad Yashivi worked hard to spread Islam throughout Central Asia and there were many students in the region. Yasavir’s poems created a new genre of religious folk poetry in Central Asian Turkic literature and inspired many religious poets from the following countries.
Yasawi also inspired Turkish poet Yahya Kamal Baiteli, who said: “Who is this Ahmad Yasawi?” If you study this, you will find our nationality in it
He is said to have made wooden spoons
and wooden spoons for his daily bread. (It’s a rumor on the Turkish official website, but Haji Ahmed mentioned the profession while renting the shop in the first volume of Muira series – Admin)

4. Taimurlink built a religious building with a mosque

on his grave in Yesi. Taimurlink dreamed that Haji Ahmed Yashivi predicted his future victories. Thus, he thanked Haji Ahmed Yasawi and built a building next to his grave. In Turkey, 1993 was declared the year of Ahmad Yasif.
Ahmed Yasawi is the most famous moral leader in the history of Islam. His philosophy of ethics is based on the belief and concept of self-discipline. According to Yasawi, one must discipline and control his kinsmen, liberate himself from moral weaknesses, consolidate and control his will.

5. Who Is Haji Ahmad Yasvi?

Khoja Ahmed Yasawi wrote a book in Turk (Diwan Hammat, Dewan – i Hekmat) to guide people on the path of Sufism. This book was published in Kazan in 1895 and 1905.
The first Kazakh-Turkish University was named after him, Ahmad Yasawi University

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