The Turks Converted To Islam And Contributed To Muslim Civilization.

The Turks Converted To Islam And Contributed To Muslim Civilization.

The Turks Converted To Islam And Contributed To Muslim Civilization.Professor Bartold said that Europeans traveling to Central Asia remember. If Islam spreads in this region, they will be made to hear different stories about the punishment of Hellfire.At that time Islam was based on all other religions including Buddhism, Manchesterism and Christianity. At that time, the Islamic world was in a better position economically and morally than any other neighbouring country.

1. And this rural life of Turks


the curved class – came in contact with Islam and was deeply influenced by the Muslim way of life. They kept taking interest in Islam. The interest was not only from the religious point of view but also from the Islamic State-style. ( 1 )
As soon as Turks came in contact with Islamic civilization, they joined the Muslim army. He has demonstrated successful mastery in knowledge – various subjects in science and imitation of Islam. In the Middle Ages, along with others, he also began to play his role in civilization, Arabic and Islamic culture.
One of them was philosopher Al-Farabi (2). Dictionary Al-Johri (3). Poet Sally (4). Poet Bashar Ibn Brad (5) etc. German historian Dan Krahbajak says Turks’ converting to Islam early and its appearance on the stage of history was very limited.

2. But later they gradually grew up in Muslim civilization.


Continue to participate. Such examples are rare not only in Islam but also in the history of the world.The first Turkish ruler converted to IslamThe ruler of Kashghar Khan Lisatok Bagri Khan was the first of the Turkish rulers to convert to Islam. After converting to Islam, he changed his name to ‘Abdal Kareem’. Abdul Karam ascended to the throne in .

3. Introduction of the philosopher Al-Farabi


Abu Nasir Muhammad ibn Muhadab ibn Oza ibn Tarkhan al-Farabi [ 260 – 339 AH. Matabic 84 – 950 figs). He was born in the Krab region of ancient Turkistan and he used to present Kazakhstan. His father Muhammad Ibn Oza was the commander of Muslim Army. He stayed in Baghdad for several days. That evening came from there. From here he travelled to different countries, then returned to Damascus. And stayed here till death. Farabi studies philosophy, chemistry and psychology. He was just as expert. Most of his articles and books were not preserved. And what is safe is now in manuscript form.

4. Identity of the dictionary

– Juhri: Imam Abu Nasr Ismail Ibn Hammad al-Juhri. Died: 393 AH, Matabik 940 – 1002. Abu Nasr Johri was a learned scholar and dictionary writer. He used to live in Farab region of present-day Kazakhstan. He was the first to build and fly the airplane and died trying to find it. Al-Zawahri traveled to Iraq at the age of six and travelled from there to Hijaz region.

5. Introduction of the poet Ibrahim – Sulli:

Poet Ibrahim Ibn Abbas Ibn Muhammad Ibn Sal – Sulli [18 – 243 AH. Matabic 692 – 656 Figs ]. Sali was born in Baghdad, which is the capital of the Absi Kingdom. However, his grandfather was a Turkish descendant of Sel Jorjan. Poet Ibrahim Sali was the grandfather of famous poet Abu Bakar Sali.
Introduction of poet Bashar Ibn Bird: Poet Abu Mayaj Bashar bin Bird bin Yarzuk Al-Ukeli [98-16 AH. []. He Kurulusosman

6. The Turks Converted To Islam And Contributed To Muslim Civilization.

was a poet by nature. Though poet Bashar Ukulele was born blind, his deep intellect and memory has made him unparalleled by any contemporary poet. “According to Bashar, no modern poetry is capable of writing,” linguist and biologist Zihez said. Bashar Ibn Brad was born in Basra and died in Baghdad. Abbasi ruler Mehdi sentenced him to death for making him religious. Many historians have described the death penalty as an act of violence.

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