The Prince Jalaluddin Beat The Mongols.

The Prince Jalaluddin Beat The Mongols.

The Prince Jalaluddin Beat The Mongols.Before his death, Sultan Shah Allauddin Muhammad realized his mistake. By the tiImmediately after taking power,me he realized that he was misunderstood, his kingdom has fallen to the Mongols.As a final tactic, she appointed the late Prince Jalal Uddin as her successor. He told the generals, including the owner of Taimoor, to stay with the prince.

1. Prince Jalal Uddin told his father he did not want to be crowned king.

Instead, he wanted to remain sultan under the caliphate. Then he quickly left for the capital with  nearby. But Kipchak Khan refused to cooperate with Turkman mother’s son Jalal.
News kept coming to them that Khan was joining Changiz Khan’s team every day.
Assessing the conspiracy, Jalal left the capital with only 300 loyal Turkmen fighters.

2. Avoiding the eyes of the Mongols,

he spent days and nights fighting hundreds of miles away. The dream of liberating the homeland from the Mongols in his eyes. Thus, within a few months, Jalaluddin formed an army of about 20,000 including Iranians, Turkmen and some Kipak youths.
Changiz Khan’s prince Jalal Uddin’s bravery was a high opinion. He knew that whenever he got the chance, this brave young man would die on Mars’ neck. So he sent a strong force under thutkhu noyan to capture jalal uddin.
There is a saying, ‘Never underestimate a weak child, that child can be a lion cub’.

3. Jalaluddin knew that Mars will follow him.

So he turned their direction and brought them to the valley of Parwan near Penshir north of Kabul.
Mars is not used to climbing such high mountains. Their sighs increased in the thin air of Hindu Kush mountain.
Prince Jalal Uddin left Taimoor Malik in front of the army, Oman Malik on the right and Saifuddin on the left.
As soon as Mars arrived in Jabal Adin valley, he came down with his army and gave up the right to fight.
Mangals first targeted Saifuddin with his right-arm heavy rider.
Although Saifuddin’s Afghans were brave, but their weapons were minor. Against the Mongols’ cavalry charge, they retreated a few hundred yards.
As soon as Saifuddin stepped back, Jalal Uddin Mangberno suddenly came out of the place given to him.

4. Turkmen shouted ‘Slogans of Takbeer, Allah is the Greatest’.

In this horrific , the Turks defeated the Mongolian right wing. Mars Right – Heavy Keverley turned and backed out. Meanwhile, with the Turk right-wing, Taimoor’s owner, Aman Malik in the center, stood like the boulder of the Hindu Kush mountain, in view of rain and hand bombs thrown by Mars.
Taimoor Malik was martyred in many battles. Because, they didn’t have the answer to a hand grenade.
In order to break the Mongolian right – cause, Jalaluddin ordered Aman Malik and Saifuddin to – together with two wings. Sederi Naveen quickly stepped back and tried to transfer energy.
Surrounded by both sides,
Totoko Noyan makes the last attempt. Meanwhile, Jalal Uddin removed the owner of Taimoor and entered the Mars Center, chanting ‘Haiderullah’.

5. His army advances like Alka behind him.

But the Mongols had suffered heavy losses on arrows and hand bombs. Until Saifuddin’s , Mars Reserve Force had also dispersed.
After the last of Prince Jalal Uddin, the Mars forces started fleeing.
Those who have bathed in the blood of at least 3 million Muslims in the last two years.
During the lifetime of Genghis Khan, this defeat of Pirwan was the only defeat of Mongols.
These news spread like wild fire. Boy’s people left the city and drove the Mongols out. People killed the governor of Tushar Mangal and took control of the city. Maro fighters chased the Mars armies and took them to the northern border of Afghanistan. Genghis Khan cried on the news of this humiliating defeat. Then he left for Afghanistan with the entire army of 2 lakh soldiers.
Meanwhile, everyone was tired, but Muslim forces were celebrating the victory.
Celebration of victory.

6. During the distribution of loot,

a Pathan chief named Agarak got into a quarrel with Kipak Khan over possession of a white Arabian horse.
Kipchak Khan hit the Afghan leader on the head with a stick. Kipchaka and Afghans started fighting. Kipchak Khan was one of the commanders of Aman Malik’s armies and Agric belonged to Saifuddin’s armies.

7. The Prince Jalaluddin Beat The Mongols.

Saifuddin and Aman Malik both announced that they will leave the camp if justice is not served. Jalaluddin requested a lot and could not calm them down.
Dinner was cooked in Jalal Uddin’s camp. Half of that cabaret fell off. Afghan commander Saifuddin came out of the camp at night with half the battle.
Jalaluddin’s armies broke immediately after winning a dispute over a small Arabian horse and his own arrogance.

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