The Ascent And Autumn Of The Fatimid Kingdom

The Ascent And Autumn Of The Fatimid Kingdom

The Ascent And Autumn Of The Fatimid Kingdom:Abu Abdullah Ali Ibn Hashib Shia played a special role in the establishment of the Fatima kingdom. In 260 AH, he conveyed the call of Fatimid dynasty to the land of the West (Morocco). He also did this call in North Africa 269 AH and gathered numerous followers and loyalists.

Fati Shia led by Ali ibn Hashab toppled the throne of western ‘Egliba kingdom through five-year . Ibn Hashab emerged as Sultan or the ruler of the area.
During the , he sent a letter to Obaidullah bin Muhammad bin Ismail bin Zafar bin Ali bin Hassan bin Ali bin Ali bin Abi Talib so that he could come to the West. Obaidullah reached the area in which the West ‘Sajlma Egypt’ was included on his call.

1. The ruler of the region Yasa ibn Mudra managed to treat

him with due respect. He was right there right there. But when Shia Abu Abdullah defeated Agliba rulers in 296 AH, he was arrested and imprisoned along with his family. Shia Abu Abdullah the area of Sajjal Masosa, released Abidullah and took oath of allegiance to Fatimid Caliphate.
However, the first Caliph of Fatima, Obaidullah later ordered of the Shia followers of Fatimaid Ali ibn Hashbah to establish his authority. Thus, the Fatimi kingdom was first established in the west under the leadership of Obaidullah. At 315 AH, Fatima’s rule was restored in Spain led by his son Abul Qasim al  Kayem. Kurulusosman

2. Fatima’s victory and defeat in Egypt:

Mehdi in Abudullah Al-Hijri (296 – 322 AH). He led several campaigns to link Egypt with the Fatima Kingdom and failed every time. In 306 AH they managed to establish authority in Alexandria. But once again they failed to control other parts of Egypt.
Al-Qayyim Muhammad Abul Qasim, Second Caliph of Fatimidus in 323 AH
[ 322 – 334 AH. ] Sent the army to Egypt. According to previous opinion, this time their campaign also failed. In 356 AH, Fatimid General Johar Sakili departed for Egypt with a strength of more than one million soldiers. Alexandria surrendered without any hindrance.

3. Zafar ibn Euphrates offered to sit down with the fatmides

at the hearing of the arrival of Egypt’s then Vizier, Zawar Sakili. 17 Rajab, at 356 AH, both sides sat down for negotiations. Egypt’s rule was entrusted to Fatimidus on condition of preserving victory and  to follow the Sunni sect.
In view of internal conflict, failure to govern, and Ayub’s campaign, Fatima gradually weakened. There was a demand for their downfall. Actually Nooruddin Mahmood, Asaduddin Sharkoh and Salahuddin Yusuf Rahm. –

4. The Ascent And Autumn Of The Fatimid Kingdom:

The last caliph of Fatima in Egypt was Abdullah Abu Muhammad [555 56 AH. ). Mahabir Salahuddin Yusuf bin Ayub narrated this Egypt in 57 AH. – In his hands the Fatima kingdom officially fell. See Details: Al – Mosautal Miyasara ft. – Tarkeel Islam, 36:01-401.

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