Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatah’S Last Battle

Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatah’S Last Battle

Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatah’S Last Battle Below is the history of the last battle of Mahmood Al-Fatih, the most powerful Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. If you want to know sultan mehmat ul fatih, please read this history.
As powerful as the Sultan, the destruction of an army of 120,000  is a massive setback. If someone sprinkle salt on this kit saying Cross won against Hilal, a nation that has been winning since year, won’t be able to digest it. But still building a new army overnight is not the word of mouth. Mehmet al-Fatih had one lakh more soldiers. But bringing them from different fronts was a difficult task. Venice and Albania in the west, Anatolia in the east, and Hungary in the north.

1. A large number of troops were needed

to stop the Turkmen of Azun Hassan on the eastern border. So the Sultan set off on an expedition to Moldova in the summer of 148. The number of regular soldiers was very low. Seven thousand genisari, five thousand kapikolo, three thousand advisers, one thousand bishibjoke, five thousand timari sepoz, seven thousand ajab and ekenji. The remaining twenty-five thousand were Taifarkhi. These are the youngsters who have come from different cities for Jihad. Some of them have come only for Islam, some have come to loot, some have come by showing bravery in  to join the regular army. In this battle, Mehmet al-Faiti did not take the General with him, he alone took charge of the entire army so that the could be conducted entirely at his discretion. In Moldova, Sultan’s 53,000 army joined 12,000 Valencian . Sultan did not trust them. Because, while Wallaceans are pretty good as an offensive force, they usually take an enemy’s counter – home first.

2. So the Sultan planned to keep the Wallaceans out of the Central

After that forty thousand soldiers were in Stephen’s hands. Along with him are five thousand Hungarians, five thousand Polish and a few thousand Lithuanian . Mostly riot tops, but they are experienced gorilla  players. So Stephen wanted to practice gorilla tricks to keep the ball in his court. He misled the scouts of Sultan in different ways and misled them. After a month of trying, the Sultan just couldn’t figure out where Stephen the Great was.
On the other hand, Nimatman adopting policy, he was ruining wherever he was going. Stephen. Sultan’s army suffered severe losses due to food shortage. Moldova is a place full of mountains and forests. There was not enough food for anyone in the area. And he was gonna burn everything down. Finally, in mid-July, Stephen’s position emerged to Sultan. Separating the two from his central force, he rounded Stephen up from three sides and proceeded to proceed. Stephen was not an easy vessel either.

3. Till this time he remained undefeated in his Geeta military career.

Hungary’s emperor Mathis Coronas did not take three to five times more with the Crimean Tatars. He decided to drag the Ottomans into the jungle without facing them on the playground. Then both sides of the forest were surrounded and the other two sides were set on fire and they were killed. So he started retreating to one of the forests of Rajabin. After that, Mehmet entered the jungle. Little did he know it would be the last battle of their lives. Stephen sent his army to the edge of the jungle to standby. Gun powder sprayed all over the forest here and there. This fire was started as soon as it entered the forest, and in a few moments the fire spread in the forest. Hundreds of Muslim fighters started burning in blazing fire.

4. Muhammad quickly asked his army to come out of the jungle.

Then the Muslim army turned from both directions and pushed the Moldovans to the edge of the jungle, they quickly retreated and entered another jungle. Disorganized Turks in dense forest – took a long time to decide about Arabs. So the speed of Maldives is not over. Sultan still trusted Allah and entered the jungle with his army. A fierce fight broke out in the dark.
Stephen knew the streets of the jungle from the palm of his hand. So a little high. From this place, his soldiers started firing on Muslims with arrows and bullets. Strange Akenji and Bushbajokas dispersed in front of the forces. The land of Rajbin Jungle was filled with dead bodies of hundreds of Muslims. In this battle, Mehmet al-Faiti came with a century-old Islamic oath, either victory or martyrdom.  song was played by Mehta

5. The turban is taken off, fire is burning in my chest,

the floor is red with blood today, God is my helper. In the tongue of the sword, our anger falls and this sword brings the death of the enemy!! O Allah! Bismillah !! Allah is the greatest !!!
Singing  songs, he entered the jungle himself, and a terrible broke out. On this day, in this jungle, the rules of the  corner were not followed, which just killed whatever it could have been. Seeing that even after four hours of continuous fighting, no decision was being made on the corner of the battle, the Sultan jumped with his armed forces on Sultan Stephen’s central force. Stephen tried to exit to the left of the forest without facing the Sultan, but he saw them outside the forest waiting for him.
Ottoman Division. He entered the jungle once again, but the Sultan’s floor was carelessly crushing one enemy after another. Stephen the last one. Versa Polished Hassaris once tried to charge from a horseman.

6. But in the blood of Muhammad,

the line of martyrdom was pressed, nothing worked. Two bullets stuck in Sultan’s chest, arrow in his hand, but he could not stop. According to the rules of , when the commander goes mad, his soldiers also go mad.So it is with the forests of Moldova. Unavoidable from this horrific battle in the jungle of Rajban, he took his life in the north – in the west. Stephen on the loose. Ottoman Heavy Cavalry Kapkolo Division in the last minute. They chased him all the way to the border of the alley. Mehmet al-Faiti fought bravely and won the battle, but suffered a heavy loss. Thirty thousand Muslims were martyred, while three out of four Moldovan soldiers were killed in the .

7. Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatah’S Last Battle

There were so many white bones throughout the forest and valley that the battle was called the Battle of Velia Alba – Valley of Whitbone. Even after winning the battle, you still need the help of luck to occupy you somewhere around the corner. Muhammad did not get this help. The plague was the biggest epidemic of the world at that time. 5,000 more Muslim soldiers died in this epidemic in just a few weeks. Forced to stop Sultan’s campaign, he returned to the capital by the end of September. But he did explain Stephen what a hero is.

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