Rise And Fall Of The Khawarizm Empire

Rise And Fall Of The Khawarizm Empire

Rise And Fall Of The Khawarizm EmpireThe middle of a kingdomCentral Asia is one of the first areas invaded by the Mongols in the early thirteenth century.At that time Khurzam kingdom was spread throughout Central Asia and some parts of Iran.This was Sunni Muslim kingdom. Initially under celljokes, later on he gained independence.It was the paradise of Islamic civilization and culture until it fell on the Mongols in 1220.But alas!

1. This destruction has become by the Mongols.

It is not possible to say the exact date of the fall of Khawarzam kingdom. Khawarzam was a province of Ghazni kingdom from 992 to 1040.
When the Seljuk Sultan Togul Bagh defeated Sultan Masood of Ghazni in the historic battle of Dandankan in 1040, Togrel Baig conquered all regions of Central Asia, including Bukhara, including Khawarzam.
Since then, Khawarism became part of the Seljuk dynasty and came under the direct rule of the Seljok Sultan.

2. Turkish generation Anush Tagin Gharachi

became the governor of this province in 106. He was a loyal slave of Seljuk sultans.
His son Qutab Uddin Muhammad inherited power as the first emperor of Khawarzam. Similarly, Anush Tagain Gharachai was the founder of Khawarzam kingdom and his era continued from 106 – 1220.
Anta Tagin Gharachai (106 – 1096), Qutb Uddin Muhammad( 1096 – 1128), Allauddan Aziz( 1126 – , Arglan, Allauddan Tekash( 1192 – ) Khawarzam ruled the kingdom.
Then Sultan Allauddin Khawarzam Shah (1200 – 1220) climbed the throne of this kingdom and at the same time Genghis Khan Khawarzam kingdom. He is the most famous and important ruler of Khawarzam kingdom.

3. Khawarzam Shah

Sultan Alauddin Muhammad Khawarzam Shah was the son of Sultan Allauddin Takash.Khawarzam kingdom in its time spread to almost half of the world. He kept himself busy all the time.

4. After the Seljuk rule,

no one else had as much land as he did.
He owned many cities, including Sajistan, Karman, Tabaristan, Jorjan, Baldal Jabal, Khurasan and parts of Persia.
These are the areas where its governors ruled. This Sultan, a follower of the Hanafi school, also built a huge madrassa for Hanafis.
Khawarzam Shah came to power in areas around Amu River, captured nearby cities and killed his leaders.
Notable in cities:- Fever, Samarkand, Balasagan, Kashgarh etc.
These cities were a major obstacle between Muslims and Mongols. But when its rulers were killed, Khawarzam Shah was responsible for the security of the entire area, which became difficult for him to handle.
I wish the leaders of Garh and Balsagan stopped all the trade and trade of Khawarzam Shah.
A group of 20 thousand of them gathered. They were divided into different sects. Dependent on each other. They went to Turkey.

5. There Khawarzam fought with Shah’s army

and officers and took control of many cities.
The rest of Khawarzam Shah’s armies returned and defended themselves from the Mongols.
Khawarzam Shah had no choice but to be patient in this matter.
Kabari saw the problem, it was not possible to extend his kingdom through direct war. That’s why he left opposition to Turkistan.
He insisted that his confession was achieved through torture.
On the other hand, Ma Other states of Waran Nihar, like Samarkand, Bukhara, etc. do not have their own cities. Four years have passed like this.
On the other hand, Genghis Khan expressed his surprise as to why one of the Tatars did not have a particular area of Mongols.

6. Rise And Fall Of The Khawarizm Empire

With this in mind, he turned his attention to the expansion of the Kingdom. Not only that, he also began to dream of becoming a world leader – small state victory powder.Eventually they reached the border of Turkistan and won the war by fighting the flag border guards.

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