Record-Breaking Kurulus Osman Episode 136  Ratings

Kurulus Osman, with its 136th episode, achieved 8.11% rating and 21.93% viewing share in the All People category, 6.75% rating and 20.05% viewing share in the EU category, and 8.08% rating in the first 20+ABC1 category. and became the most watched series with a viewing share of 21.16%.

The rating record-breaking series of the screens, ‘Kuruluş Osman’, was at the top of the ratings and social media with its 136th episode on ATV screens with the hashtag #KuruluşOsman.

Kuruluş Osman” Episode 136 Best Ratings

Rank Viewership Category Rating Audience Share Social Discussion
🏆 1st All People 8.11% 21.93% 💬
🏆 1st EU 6.75% 20.05% 💬
🏆 1st 20+ABC1 8.08% 21.16% 💬

Episode 135 vs Episode 136 Rating Chart

Below is a comparative bar chart illustrating the ratings and audience shares of ‘Establishment Osman’ for its 135th and 136th episodes across different viewership categories. The chart provides insights into the performance of the series, showcasing the changes in ratings and audience shares between the two episodes. Adjustments to the data arrays can be made to match the actual viewership statistics.

Establishment Osman Comparison Chart

Kurulus Osman Episode 136: Summary

The great raid on Söğüt by Master Gera, Vasilis and the Crusaders in Chapter 136 of Establishment Osman; Bala Hatun, Alaeddin Bey, Gonca Hatun, the people of Söğüt and their sisters said “There is God, there is no sorrow!” 

He was stopped by shouts. While the Crusaders suffered many losses, Master Gera sent a message to Thesselus and told the Crusaders to retreat. 

After Söğüt was cleared of enemies, Bala Hatun expressed her pride in her alps and sisters with the following words: “The glorious people of Söğüt, the veteran people! Raise your heads from the ground! Wipe your tears! What a shame if the enemy comes like lightning! God is enough for us! A Muslim kneels.” “It is the one that does not collapse!

We will not fall into despair! We will always keep our hope alive! Muslims have seen many Pharaohs and many Nimrods… But God has always prevailed!”

Osman Bey accepted the request of the Mongols, who asked for taxes on behalf of the Ilkhanid State. Osman Bey, who went to pay the tax personally, was trapped by the Mongols. With Osman Bey’s trick of showing himself dead, the Alps disguised themselves as Mongols and brought Osman Bey’s body to the Mongol camp. 

Akcelasun, who approached Osman Bey’s body, died when Osman Bey suddenly opened his eyes and made a move. Osman Bey said, “The grave of those who shroud Turks is always ready!” By saying this, he sentenced Akcelasun to death.

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