Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 4 Episode 116 English Subtitles

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 4 Episode 116 English Subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid is a Turkish historical drama series that depicts the life and reign of Abdulhamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. In episode 116 of the series, which aired on March 5, 2022, the story takes an unexpected turn as the Ottoman Empire faces a major crisis.

The episode begins with the aftermath of the failed assassination attempt on Abdulhamid II. The Sultan survives the attack but is left severely injured. His loyal followers are left to pick up the pieces and protect him from further harm.

As Abdulhamid II recovers, he is faced with a new crisis. The British have sent a fleet of warships to the Ottoman Empire, demanding that they hand over their navy. The Sultan knows that he cannot afford to give up his navy, as it is essential to the defense of the empire.

The Ottoman Empire’s navy was the envy of Europe, and the British were eager to get their hands on it. The Sultan realizes that he must find a way to protect his navy while also avoiding a war with the British.

Abdulhamid II decides to send his trusted advisor, Pasha Ahmed, to negotiate with the British. Ahmed is a skilled diplomat and negotiator, and the Sultan believes that he is the best person for the job.

Ahmed heads to the British fleet, where he meets with the British admiral. He makes a convincing argument for why the Ottoman Empire needs to keep its navy and proposes a compromise that would satisfy both parties.

The British admiral agrees to the compromise, and the crisis is averted. The Ottoman Empire’s navy is saved, and war is avoided.

Meanwhile, in Istanbul, a new threat emerges. A group of revolutionaries has taken over a government building and is demanding that the Sultan abdicate the throne. The group is led by a charismatic leader who has a large following among the people.

The situation quickly spirals out of control, and violence erupts in the streets. The Ottoman authorities are forced to take action, and a bloody battle ensues.

In the end, the Ottoman authorities are able to retake the government building and restore order. The revolutionaries are arrested, and the Sultan is safe.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 116 is a thrilling and action-packed episode that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It shows the challenges faced by the Ottoman Empire and the strength and determination of its leaders in the face of adversity. The episode also highlights the importance of diplomacy and negotiation in resolving conflicts peacefully.

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