Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 2 Episode 37 English Subtitles

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 2 Episode 37 English Subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid is a Turkish historical drama series that depicts the life and reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The series has been well received by audiences worldwide and is known for its detailed portrayal of historical events and characters. In Episode 37, which aired on February 20, 2020, the tension between the Ottoman Empire and the Great Powers continues to escalate, while internal struggles within the palace threaten to destabilize the government.

The episode begins with a meeting between Sultan Abdulhamid and his advisors, where they discuss the latest developments in the ongoing conflict with Russia. The Sultan is worried about the possibility of a war with Russia, as the Ottoman Empire is already facing pressure from other European powers such as Britain and France. However, his advisors assure him that the Ottoman military is well-prepared for any potential conflict.

Meanwhile, Pashas Tahsin and Aliye are involved in a power struggle within the palace. Tahsin is determined to become the new Grand Vizier, and he is willing to use any means necessary to achieve his goal. He tries to win the support of other members of the Ottoman government, but Aliye is also fighting for the position and has her own allies. As the tension between the two grows, it becomes clear that their rivalry could destabilize the government and jeopardize the safety of the Ottoman Empire.

Elsewhere, the relationship between Ahmed and Fatma continues to develop. Ahmed, who is the son of Sultan Abdulhamid, has fallen in love with Fatma, a maid in the palace. However, their relationship is forbidden, as Ahmed is not allowed to marry anyone without the permission of the Sultan. Despite this, the two continue to meet in secret, and their love for each other only grows stronger.

As the episode progresses, tensions within the palace reach a boiling point. Tahsin and Aliye engage in a fierce argument, and the Grand Vizier, Sabahaddin, is forced to intervene. He attempts to restore order and prevent a full-blown confrontation, but it becomes clear that the power struggle between Tahsin and Aliye is far from over.

Overall, Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 37 is a gripping and intense instalment in the series. The ongoing conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Great Powers is balanced with the internal struggles within the palace, making for a compelling and engaging storyline. With strong performances from the cast and a well-crafted script, the series continues to captivate audiences and remains one of the most popular historical dramas on television.

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