Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 2 Episode 32 English Subtitles

Payitaht Sultan Abdul Hamid Season 2 Episode 32 English Subtitles

Payitaht Abdul Hamid is a Turkish historical drama series that has gained widespread popularity since its first episode aired in 2017. The show revolves around the life of Abdul Hamid II, who was the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Episode 32 of the series aired on November 29, 2018, and was eagerly anticipated by fans of the show.

The episode begins with the meeting between Abdul Hamid II and the British Ambassador, who is there to discuss the Armenian issue. The Ambassador demands that the Ottoman Empire allows British missionaries to provide assistance to the Armenians. Abdul Hamid II is skeptical of their intentions and denies their request.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Pasha, the Ottoman Minister of War, receives a letter from his wife informing him of their daughter’s critical condition. He immediately rushes to his daughter’s side, only to find out that she has been poisoned. Ahmed Pasha suspects that his enemies are responsible for this heinous act and vows to find the culprits.

In another part of the city, Tahsin Bey and his wife are having a heated argument over their son’s education. Tahsin Bey wants his son to receive a traditional Islamic education, while his wife wants him to study in a modern school. Their disagreement escalates, and Tahsin Bey’s wife threatens to leave him.

Back at the palace, Abdul Hamid II is faced with a new threat from the Russian Empire, who is planning to invade the Ottoman Empire. He holds a council meeting to discuss the matter with his advisors and decides to send troops to the border to defend their territory.

As the episode progresses, Ahmed Pasha discovers that his enemies are behind his daughter’s poisoning and takes matters into his own hands. He confronts them and successfully brings them to justice. Tahsin Bey also resolves his issues with his wife and decides to let his son receive a modern education.

In the final scene, Abdul Hamid II receives a letter from the British Ambassador, warning him about the consequences of his decision to deny their request for assistance to the Armenians. Abdul Hamid II remains steadfast in his decision and asserts that he will not allow any foreign power to interfere in the internal affairs of the Ottoman Empire.

Overall, episode 32 of Payitaht Abdul Hamid is a gripping installment that showcases the complexities and challenges faced by the Ottoman Empire during this period. The episode highlights the political tensions and external threats that the empire faced and sheds light on the personal struggles of its characters. With its engaging storyline, impressive performances, and stunning visuals, the episode is a must-watch for fans of the series and anyone interested in Turkish history.


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