Orhan Ghazi’s Bolleague Nilufer Hatoon Became A Muslim.

Orhan Ghazi’s Bolleague Nilufer Hatoon Became A Muslim.

Orhan Ghazi’s Bolleague Nilufer Hatoon Became A Muslim.Nelfer Hatin (Automan Turkey) birth name Holofira (holofira) Oliveira, another name Baylon, Baloon, Balon, Balon, Swan, Civilian was a hand. Wife of Sultan Orhan II. He is the next Sultan Murad ?? The mother of the mother was. His second son was “Qasim” (134). He died. Some old sources claim that she was the mother of Orhan’s first son, Cellman Pasha, which is controversial.

1. Biography

Historical story about her origin, in the 15th century, was the daughter of the Byzantine ruler of Bailisk (Tekfar), named Holfira?? Was. Like some stories, Orhan’s father Usman Belisk also, during Holfira’s wedding, and brought there lots of gifts and costumes and hidden soldiers. Holfera was in the same loot and what was given to Orhan.

2. But modern researchers are skeptical of this story,

and acknowledging that it may be based on real events. The suspicions are based on various secondary evidence and at this time lack of direct evidence. Specifically, its Ottoman name is Nilfar which means water lily in Persian.
Other historians call her the daughter of Prince Yerhesa or Byzantine Princess Helen (Nelofar), who was of Greek descent.

3. Belisk Tekfar, who married Yerishar’s daughter in the spring of 1299,

invited Usman Ghazi and his young men to his wedding feast, according to a source. In the spring, the Sogot people moved to Dominus Pluto until autumn.
Before coming to the wedding, Usman Ghazi told her to leave all her belongings at the Biblical Palace. In those years, it was common to hand over the camp heavy luggage to neighboring forts. Tekfour accepted Sande. This wedding will take place in Chakerpanner, two hours from Bilepsich. Kurulusosman

4. On the way to marriage,

there is Usman army all around Yarheesa Tekfoor. That Yarisar ?? Gone back to back. When people saw their Tekfar, they opened the door and Usman’s soldiers entered. Didn’t take long to conquer the castle. At Belisiche Castle, a bell opened from the left side of Usman Ghazi.

5. Orhan Ghazi’s Bolleague Nilufer Hatoon Became A Muslim.

A soldier leaves there and reports the others. Armed soldiers coming out of the bell caught everyone in the palace. Bilisk goes into the hands of the Ottomans. While the guests waited for the bride, Usman’s horse riders appeared. There was a big show in karjhesar. Orhan Ghazi will marry Wilfira, daughter of Yerheesa Tekfoor. The young bride converted to Islam and became the hand of Nelfar. Even before (Nelfa Haton) there was a love relationship with Malat and Khan Ghazi

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