Mevlana Rumi Episode 17 (S02E07) in English Subtitles

What date and time Mevlana Rumi episode 16 will release online around the world and when will be available to watch online? The global and domestic premiere of Mevlana Rumi Season 2 , Episode 7 is set for Saturday, January 21st, 2023.

In Konya, the 13th century capital of the Seljuk State, there lived a man, Rumi, the great Islamic scholar, mystic and poet who preached “Hearken to us for the story of humanity.” The series tells the story of this exceptional person, who lived 750 years ago, and narrates his poetry, aphorisms, the social and political events of the time, and of course his immortal masterpiece the Masnavi, which is still relevant today.

His search for truth and verity, two things still yearned for, the profound wisdom he reached through this sublime pursuit and his journey to the inner layers of the self make the show into an epic visual feast.

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