How To Debut The Great Hero Ertugrul Ghazi?

How To Debut The Great Hero Ertugrul Ghazi?

How To Debut The Great Hero Ertugrul Ghazi?The right of the great hero Ertogrul GhaziMilitary and political conflicts between Islamic kingdoms have increased the rise in Muslims in the East. As a result, other major powers, such as the Christian crusades and the Mongol forces, turned a blind eye to Islamic empires.

Taking advantage of this chaos and isolation, the local rulers lose all their  in their territories. They keep solving their problems and problems. He was extending his rule in the border areas while maintaining the unity of the Muslim Ummah.

1. Even in this helpless time of Muslim Ummah,

they were trying to unite under one leadership. At this time, the leaders of the Muslim Ummah faced various weaknesses, helplessness and humiliation. On the one hand, just as they targeted themselves in crusades, on the other hand, the irreplaceable nation of that time was divided and destroyed by the Mongols.
In this unspeakably difficult time for the Muslim Ummah, it was the demand of the time that a brave hero would emerge with new strength and enthusiasm in the opinion of the great hero Ertgrul Ghazi.
Great leader of Ki tribe and great leader of Mahaveera, Ertgarwal ibn Suleman Shah led Turk Gatra to enlighten Muslim power. Artgrul Ghazi called for Islamic unity.

2. He tried to establish a single leadership to save the Muslim Ummah

from crisis and to subdue all evil forces. At the request of Artugul Gazi, Anatolia’s Turkish, scholars and sheikhs were resurrected.
As a result, they also began to unite in the monarchy led by Artgrul Ghazi and they also called on other Mujahideen to unite under their leadership. Thus the status of fighters and mujahids who came to the area under Kaye Tribe rule and Ertigrul Ghazi were retarded.
They keep trying to separate the Islamic forces. Mahabir Artugrul Ghazi worked day and night to protect the Islamic world and control internal weaknesses in the East.
As a result of his continued efforts, he managed to establish a strong empire capable of defeating all evil forces.

3. He managed to establish the largest and most powerful empire in history.

And Mahaveera Artugrul succeeded in laying the foundation of this empire.
The great hero Ertgul Ghazi made a special policy to go to the kingdom from Getra. After the great hero Ertogrul Ghazi, his children and grandchildren continue to build the empire.
On the one hand, the rulers, on the other hand, were fulfilling their responsibilities for the establishment and firmness of the kingdom, the scholars and the sheikhs played an important role in giving the kingdom faith and spiritual training.

4. How To Debut The Great Hero Ertugrul Ghazi?

The advice, analysis and advice of Rabyani Aleem and Sheikh play a very helpful role in politics. Further, their overall support for the issuance of political and military orders has brought stability to the kingdom.
And so an atmosphere of faith was created in the middle of the kingdom. Mujahid – It was formed under the leadership of Bahini Alum and Sheikh. As a threat to the kingdom. Special forces have been prepared under his leadership to resist against all evil power.

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