How To Create A Custom Contact Page On Blogger

How To Create A Custom Contact Page On Blogger

How To Create A Custom Contact Page On Blogger Looking for how to contact us on your blogger blog? Very nice!.The contact form has definitely become an import, as your visitors are allowed to contact you without having to pronounce any further. It’s versatile, through which people can connect on you. Probs, newbie bloggers really don’t know how valuable this helpful feature is.The contact form is valuable and much better then an email placed on a specific page on your blogger blogger, so people can contact you from your email after a long processing, and spending a lot of time.So in this article, I’ll explain to you, how you can easily create a brand new contact form on Blogger Blaspot without using any plug-in or embedded services.

1. Why is this a contact form?

You have nice idea on your blogger, Well this isn’t really a marine question!. This is what you’re talking about people also Google how to do it. So I’m gonna take it off? And how it can lead you to your blogger.Contact form for your blogger blog. This one is worth using. But why ? Let me ask you a question? You have a post, you get visitors, one of the lambs contact you for help or anything else. In this if you don’t need to do it. If you’re in community with your blogger blog or your brand… Just like a website has no contact US page, those viewers will never visit your website, which does not contact us.However the contact form is a portent because that’s what people, realist, companies and anyone sheephed to contact you or contact you.Plus its safer, reliable and people can contact you for first time visit

2. What are the benefits of a contact form?

No spam: you just don’t have the right to attempt to spam emails. You can cry for your right. Also you can add out apcha because auto made boots to spam you.Customer Information: You are not really prepared to work with yourself, because the information you are gaining is organized. And you can easily be where you intend to be.Save time: You can reply to all your emails with maximum professionalism and ease.How To Create A Custom Contact Page On Blogger

3. How to create a contact form on a blogger?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a new contact about our page:

Step 1: Create a new page

Go to Blogger dashboard, click on Pages, and click on +Icon or +click new page to create new page, then, name contact us.

Step 2: Copy the code.

Now convert compose view mode to HTML view mode. Copy the code below, paste the created pages in HTML view mood, and publish it. Kurulusosman

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