How To Become The Great Eagle Muhammad Al-Fatih

How To Become The Great Eagle Muhammad Al-Fatih

How The Great Eagle Muhammad Al-Fatih.A fine spring morning. The wind is blowing slowly on the shore of the sea Marmara. Not too much cold. The tree is full of flowers, their fragrance is strangely beautiful. There is a beautiful garden near the camp. There is a lake inside the sixth garden. Sultan Mahmood Al Fateh could not get out of the tent. Severe pain in his gut. The arthritis pain is not quitting him. Gulbahar Khattan has banned him from going to campaigns a thousand times. But eagles are born to fly, no matter how much pain their wings get. Now he realized he was not right about Gulbahar. But how can he survive without a fight?

1. When Gulbahar first came to his Haram thirty-four years ago

, his addiction was hunting down, then slowly fighting back his addiction. Sultana Kona never tried to contain her addiction. But he has not been able to leave the palace in the last few years due to severe arthritis. This time sultan came out by force. It’s morning and afternoon. The smiling sun in the blue sky moved for a while
in the west and the pain of Sultan increased.

2. Many of his favorite dishes stayed in his tent all day.

Kermani King Mohammed, King Ahmed, King Dawood, King Messiah, King Saif, King Musladdin. Far away Prime Minister, Rice-e-Driya Jadak is Ahmad Pasha. Sultan’s condition has worsened. He can’t go to bed together. Face turned blue with pain. Doctor from Persia was called. The doctor gave medicine to the Sultan.
The pain subsided by the next morning. Get out of bed and stand up. Told to talk to everyone. Medicine was given to Sultan. The next morning it was decided that the army would already leave. Another point in the afternoon but Sultan did not come for Fajr prayers. This is the second time in the last 30 years. He had fainted once from dawn.

3. The Venetians poisoned him.

Johar’s time has passed, Sultan has not woken up. The Sultan’s most trusted healer, legendary Jewish healer Yakoob Effendi was summoned during the ceremony. Jacob came and saw the mighty man frozen, mighty man. Now to breathe. But he is not opening his eyes. Trying to get to work. Muhammad Al Fatih opened his eyes after Aisha. Shortly after this, reached Gulbahar Khatan. He served all night, in the morning when Sultan’s physical condition became almost normal. But Jacob could not be assured. Sultan Mehmood Al Fateh spent time with Gulbahar Khattan till next afternoon.
Muhammad Pasha has arranged a special gathering on the occasion of his release.

4. Sultan forbids the organization of the gathering

He wants to be alone, only with Gulbahar. The only man, no matter where he was. After Asha’s prayers, the Sultan returned to the tent. I remember so many memories of this. As far as Chattobela is concerned, why didn’t she get her father’s passion in childhood. Ali and Allaudin died again. He is the Wild Prince. Slightly more ignorant than the other cousins. Huma woman died before she could see him become a sultan. He remembered his friends Radu and Mehmood Pasha.

5. I miss these days of hunting in the nearby woods.

One by one the words of Constantine’s victory started floating in front of my eyes. I remembered the birth of Bayazid, Mustafa, Jim and Zoreenhan. Trico’s campaign, in the terrifying days of the  against Dracula. I remembered Shaikhul Islam, who is the magnificent serene face of his master alias Shamsuddin. The impact of this million was the biggest of his life.
Yakub came a little later. He saw that Sultan’s body was hot. He wanted to give medicine to Sultan. Sultan took his own hand. They said the time has come. Another one has heard it. Gulbhar Khatan. Gulbahar lost consciousness after hearing Sultan’s words. There was a commotion that Sultan had lost consciousness. However, it didn’t take long for the knowledge to come back. The next morning Sultan was seen lying quietly.I was not breathing anymore.
Muhammad is no more. Kurulusosman

6. Gulbahar, Muhammad Pasha and Yaqoob Effendi did not sleep

the whole night. Muhammad Pasha reached the capital with his army on the order of Sultan. Initially, attempts were made to keep the news secret, but within a few days, word spread that Mahmood Al-Fatah had died. After every congregational prayer, people were crying in the mosque. The people of Islamabad cried all day after receiving this news. Shortly after those tears spread across the skies from Bosnia to Celicia, from Albania to Karaman, from Crimea to the Adriatic. Europe expressed happiness on the news of Muhammad’s death. Venetian Elchi’s letter to Pep,
It had been written

7. How To The Great Eagle Muhammad Al-Fatih

The pope ordered the bell to ring at 12 noon in every Catholic church across Europe to express thanksgivings to God. From Quartaba, Spain, to the city of Boda, Hungary, church bells are ringing one by one. Today is their festival day, their enemy Muhammad is dead. The great eagle Mahmood Al-Fatia has died !!

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