How Nizam-Ul-Mulk Came To The Seljuk Empire

How Nizam-Ul-Mulk Came To The Seljuk Empire

How Nizam-Ul-Mulk Came To The Seljuk Empire
A detailed description of this one.One day a young man wanted to get close to him. His clothes show that he was not an ordinary person. Her eyes were shining bright.
The doorkeeper of the Sultan asked, ‘What should I tell the Sultan if you ask him? And what is the purpose of your meeting?
He replied, ‘My name is Khoja Hassan Tosi. And I will tell the Sultan the purpose of my meeting.

1. Dorman was directed that if any scholar or educated person comes for interviewing Sultan Chegra Baig

he should be welcomed. So the gatekeeper went and informed the Sultan.
Sultan asked Dorman, ‘Does he look like a jurist or Muhammadiyat? ‘
The doorman said, ‘Yes Sultan. Dressed with moderate speakers and scholars. The sight is also very noble.

2. Then the Sultan ordered to bring him.

After some time Khwaja Haji came to Sultan and welcomed him and Sultan asked him to sit down.
Sultan asked him, ‘O young man! How can I believe that you are a student of Imam Mufiq? I know that it is a great honor to be a student of Imam Mufiq.
Then Hassan Tossi said with some papers, “I have his certificate”. I have read Fiq and Haidat Shastra and other matters from him
Then the Sultan asked him, ‘Then your lesson is over?’
Then he replied, ‘There is no Sultan Ali’s place. I have gone beyond the limits of Madrassa, I have not yet been able to go beyond the limits of education. The balance of knowledge is like the deep waters of the sea.
Sultan’s eyes got brightened after listening to his words.
Then the Sultan asked him, ‘I want to see how far the edge of your intellect is?’ Books will not teach wisdom. How intelligent do you think you are ‘?
Hassan Tosi replied, ‘Your greatness Sultan! He is as stupid as he thinks he is, and as small as he thinks.How Nizam-Ul-Mulk Came To The Seljuk Empire

3. Who is wise and who is stupid?

Then the Sultan asked in a soothing voice, ‘You are fine! Give me one word answer. If a ruler wants to be popular among the people and people will respect him after his death, then what qualities and mentality should he have?
In a disliked manner, Hassan Tossi  replied, ‘He will be a firebrand for his religion and country.’ There will be cold water for the people, it will be comfortable like fertile soil. It is generous as the vastness of the sky, swift as the eagle, sharp as the crow, smart as the crow, sweet as the crow, fearless as the bug and pure as the moon and the stars. The loafers in the neighborhood. Kurulusosman

4. The Sultan was a little stunned

and asked, ‘Do I have all this?’
Tosi replied, ‘If I say yes, then it will be flattery.’ Flattery and hypocrisy are one thing.
And if I say that the Sultan lacks these qualities, I would be the target of discontent. I don’t want to be the object of anyone’s insecurities.
Sultan said, ‘O young man! Your clear words are really commendable.
Tell me something,,, if we don’t have one or two of these qualities, it would be very harmful’?
Your special guest, Sultan! A rosary usually contains one hundred grains and one knot. If a single gland is opened, all hundred grains are scattered. Maybe your quality or the fault of its land keeps the value of your quality planet. Because of this, in any time, the grain you reap will scatter. ‘How Nizam-Ul-Mulk Came To The Seljuk Empire

5. The Sultan said in a loud voice,

‘I have appointed you as my special adviser. If you can maintain your truth and truthfulness policy clarity, it’s my prediction that one day you will be anism (Prime Minister) in this kingdom.
Twenty-two years later, Sultan’s prediction came true. Khoja Hassan Tosi became the Imam of Ozir. At that time, Malik Shah Sultan was the grandson of Sultan Chagerbag.
Seljuk Sultans named the best director of the state of Nazamul, Khawja Hassan Tosi. The whole country knew him by this name. His name Hassan Tossi had gone beyond the title once given by Seljokes.
Nizamul Malik established a traditional university in Baghdad whose name is Nizamia Madrassa. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi and famous scholar Bahauddin Shadad passed away together.

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