History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 02

History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 02

History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 02 History Of Aatman Empire Part 02.It was not weeks but days and hours before the conquest of Constantine that Murad Khan Sani had to lift the siege and leave all his efforts so far to nothing, just like his grandfather Bayazid. Yeldiram left for Asia Minor to compete Taimur after lifting the siege from Constantine at the same time.

The detail of this Ajmal is that when Sultan Muhammad Khan died,

he left four sons, two of whom were very young and small children and two young men, one of whom the oldest was Murad Khan Sani. And every equipment of training and comfort was provided, and to the third brother Mustafa, who was three years younger than Murad Sani, was assigned with honor as a worker or as a soldier in Asia Minor, Murad Sani when his presumed uncle Mustafa K froze the sedition and Mustafa was hanged in Adria Nopal, so Kurulusosman

Mustafa Khan raised the flag of rebellion by exiting the help of the Seljuk

rich and just when Murad Khan was about to conquer Constantine, Mustafa Khan ruled Barosa by capturing many cities and necessary places of Asia Minor. Happened, as soon as Murad Khan Saani reached Asia Little, most of the army’s soldiers left Mustafa Khan and came to Murad Khan.I came in.

After that for almost a year Murad Khan lived in Asia Minor

and strengthened his government and kingdom by giving punishments to all the rebellious rulers there. In 828 AH Sultan Murad Khan II came to Europe from Asia Minor, then Qaiser Constantine Thirty thousand doctors annually as a tribute and made peace by taking several important places and did not besiege Constantine again, after that Sultan Murad Khan engaged in the internal management of his kingdom and the welfare of his kingdom and a Christian or non-Christian state Ko absolutely did not tease, yeah! He must have made them obey his promises.
In 831 AH, Stephen King of Serbia, the redeemer and loyalist of the Ottoman Empire, died. In his place, George, the new king of Serbia, George, since he was not as sophisticated and serious as his predecessor, gave Caesar Constantinople. On this side, the fiber fanatics got the opportunity and they were inside to provoke George and the Hungarians against Sultan Murad Khan. Hungarians also now since they had forgotten the bitter experience of Nicopolis’s defeat, they were also against the Ottoman Empire. Started preparations and continued these preparations for many years, Sultan Murad Khan II defeated the Venice people by conquering the island of

Zanti and the southern part of Greece and the territory of Thessaloniki in 834 AH.

And the state of Venice on very humiliating conditions. Made peace with the Sultan by pressing down. Since Venice was on the side of the King Constantine, the King Constantine was even more grieved and he became engaged in his conspiracy works with double attention, while Sultan Murad gradually developed his occupation in Europe. Started religious, Albania and Bosnia also participated in the Christian conspiracy against the sultan like Serbia and Hungary.

Christians in the province of Transylvania in the north of Serbia and Romania raised the flag of opposition

in 842 AH, so the Sultan attacked that side and imprisoned seventy thousand Christians in the battlefield and returned from there after threatening his strength and might, they were hungry for days.
He expelled the Turks from the province of Transylvania, Turkish general, who was operating and administering in the area, was by his son and twenty thousand Turkish troops were fielding in the field, this is

how Honey Das treated the Turks who were captured alive.

What if when there were feasts inside Hungary to celebrate this victory, a number of these Turkish prisoners were taken to death in front of the people who participated in the celebration, as if joy of Turkish prisoners in the rallies was considered a heartwarming entertainment. It’s dangerous to have a reason.History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 02

Sultan Murad Khan sent one of his army commander to take revenge on Honey Das

and the Hungarians and left for Asia Little. This incident dates back to 847 AH, to defeat this army of Turks and the Turks to the continent of Europe.

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