History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 04

History Of Ottoman Empire Saltnat-e-Osmania Part 02

History Of Aatman Empire Part 04.And having come to camp four miles from here, upon hearing that. Honey Das and Shah of Hungary held a consultation meeting and then the rows got busy preparing. For the war, the Christian army was in Misera, the Walicia army, of Hungary Electoral soldiers assigned to memna. A great army of Christian crusaders led by Cardinal Julian.
King of Hungary was at the heart of the army with the chiefs of his country and brave riders. The Polish army was behind all under the command of a famous bishop, Honey Das The commander-in-chief of all this great army was.

Sultan Murad Khan Sani also corrected his lamina

and made his flag by copying the peace letter and putting it on the tip of the spear, which Shah of Hungary wrote and gave to Sultan Murad Khan, this fight in the field of Varna on November 10.

Silas Shah Hungary Sultan from the front.

Ko appeared challenging his confrontation with the big Cobro Nakhut, the Sultan immediately shot an arrow in the bow which caused. The King of Hungary to fall injured and fall. Khawaja Kheri, an old commander of the Young Chiri army, immediately moved forward. Led Silas beheaded and put on the nail of a spear elevated with the covenant, seeing this beheaded head of the king of Hungary the christian army started a stir and uproar and the Turks who were slipping away, Now daring to move forward, Honey Das saw this head and launched several fierce attacks on the part of the Sultanate army in his attempt to snatch it, where the Kurulusosman

This breaking of the Christian covenant had an effect on some Christian families

that many Christians in Serbia and Bosnia converted to Muslims automatically, Sultan Murad Khan did not force anyone on his behalf in matters of religion. But he did all his Christians Raya was given the same  rights as the other Ottoman sultans that Muslims had.

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