Find Out Who Was In The Connor Alps?

Find Out Who Was In The Connor Alps?

Find Out Who Was In The Connor Alps?Read the details of this post to learn about the Conor Alps, all information about this post has been collected from Ukipedia.

1. Conor Alps was one of the first Ottomans to cooperate in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire

in the same manner. Since Usman became qadar bay had some loyal companions,later Usman became a kade bay,comrade tatha. These brave soldiers play an important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

2. He served as the commander of the Connor Alps in this campaign.

 As mentioned in Turkish history, Konwar al-Othman continued his campaign after Ghazi’s death under the orders of Orhan Ghazi.
Actually, Orhan Ghazi took over the military administration while his father was alive. Accepting this sacred responsibility,

3. he sent the Conor Alps to occupy the surrounding area,

including the ocean of the ocean.
At that time Conor Alp conquered Akias, Madarnor, Sakaria and Plandeschen. According to Turkish Islamic researcher Ashk Pazad, he captured Ayados and Castillo, led by Abdul-Rehman Ghazi of Orhan Ghazi.
Connor Alps 1321 conquered Modiana around the Marma Sea, a portion of Barsa port.

4. Find Out Who Was In The Connor Alps?

Usman took control of this city near his commander Conor Alps.  History states that he died in 1326 in 1323. He was said to have been buried in the dodge. After the death of Conor Alps, Murad was first given his responsibility.

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